Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farewell and don’t let the door hit you in the ass
The TEXAS IDIOT returns to his village!

Today we saw the end of a FAILED and CORRUPT administration and the end of it’s wrong headed and backward looking policies. Finally, after eight long years we have come to the end of the road for the Bush Regime.

When George W. Bush came into office and claimed the mantle of Commander and Chief FALSELY, he inherited a nation at relative peace and prosperity. Now he heads into fitting OBSCURITY headed back to the cultural backwater from which he crawled out of leaving the country in ruins. He entered the office of President as the BIBLE BANGING Right said "God’s Choice" and was hailed as a CEO Prez by the Backward looking and Misguided Right Wing and now we see that whatever god it was he listened to he got the WRONG advice and has thoroughly RAN THE COUNTRY INTO THE GROUND economically as he did with every business he ever touched in the private sector

Also, today, I feel as many do, that America after looking backwards for so long and languishing so long in TECHNOLOGICAL inertia has finally and officially entered the DIGITAL AGE. With the inauguration of President Obama we also leave behind the PETTY grievances of the Baby Boomer/Hanoi Jane/ Vietnam era and move forward into the unknown that is the future. But unlike the past and especially the recent past that was overseen by this inarticulate nitwit and his evil handlers we as a nation embrace the future with optimism and refuse to cower in fear even with the monumental mess left to us by G.W.Bush/Cheney.

As long as I live, and I hope that I live longer than anybody Dumb enough to still think Bush was anything special, I will always declare my contempt for Bush/Cheney and point out fact by fact what a failure this administration was and how they were wrong on everything as they brought this great country to the brink of irretrievable ruin.

I would say goddamn G.W. Bush, but even now the history is being written that he was a failed president and leader. I could wish the EVIL GOP the worst, but then again Bush being who he was has destroyed the party of Reagan and the tactics of Karl Rove has lost “AT LEAST” a generation of voters.

So, my friends with very little written in the past year, as we have seen the country come to the realization of what I declared on July 4, 2005 i.e. that Bush was a fraud and an incompetent imposter. I bid good riddance to Bush and Cheney and wish them a tormented retirement and I wish God Speed and help to our new Commander and Chief, as he will need it to heal the nation and fix the damage done by Bush.

God Bless America and God Bless our enduring Democracy!