Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year…the LAST YEAR OF BUSH!!!

Yes, after a VERY LONG HIATUS your favorite AMERICAN CITIZEN, number one domestic malcontent, hater of all things BUSH/CHENEY/Evil GOP has returned. First thing that I would like to say is of course, SEE.. I TOLD YA SO!!!

Can there be any doubt in the mind of the Dimmest GOP supporting Red STATE Inbred that Bush has taken the country to a worse place than he found it????? Say what you will about Slick Willie, but I’m sure that the majority of Americans look upon him and his presidency as not all that bad and kinda wished it would return.

Yes, my friends Der Shrubben Fuhrer with his direct HOT line to the Christian GOD has driven the country into the ground financially with the most bankruptcies and foreclosures than we as a nation have seen since the Great Depression.

UNDER BUSH MILLIONS of good paying American jobs UNDER HIS WATCH have been sent overseas.

UNDER BUSH our southern border has been overrun by Illegals.

UNDER BUSH and his cadre of liars and Neo Cons an unnecessary war under false pretenses was initiated (i.e. Iraq) and has cost the lives of THOUSANDS of Americans and has and is costing the country BILLIONS OF $$$$$ as the war itself has no END IN SIGHT!!!

UNDER BUSH and Cheney a war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban was fought in Afghanistan and now even as the war has been over 5+ years Afghanistan still lays in ruins, the narcotics trade there is stronger than ever, the Taliban and Al Qaeda have reunited and ONCE AGAIN control large portions of Afghanistan.


UNDER BUSH the average American and FUTURE GENERATIONS owe their collective Asses to India and China for our National Debt.

UNDER BUSH the average American is worse off fanancially than they were when he took office.

UNDER BUSH New Orleans and the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi still lay in ruins two years after Katrina. Remember that one?? Our Beloved Nimrod was on a FIVE WEEK VACATION at the time???

UNDER BUSH the civil liberties of the average American has been undermined and the Constitution, the foundation of our great Republic, has been used as Toilet Paper!!!

UNDER BUSH a CIA agent was OUTTED by members of his administration and the one that took the bullet for it i.e. SCOOTER LIBBY was later pardoned by BUSH.

UNDER BUSH the cost of Oil and Gas are at an ALL TIME HIGH..funny how that happens when you have two OIL MEN in the White House.


Just think, when the GOPS' CEO PRESIDENT stole the election way back in 2000 he and the Evil GOP had ALL the answers, but now with the passing of time we see that ALL their answers were either FLAT WRONG or just one of MANY LIES that they and their surrogates have put forth since the beginning.

So friends with that and more that could be said I will say once again HAVE YA HAD ENOUGH YET???? Cause if you haven’t we still have a little over a year left of this inarticulate Nitwit and his myriad of bad decisions that we as a nation will be suffering with FOR DECADES TO COME.