Sunday, January 21, 2007

Message the Democratic Leadership

I know, I know, this blogg has complained about the policies of The Texan Nero and his Republican fools, but now that the Dem’s are in power, what advice does the Beachboy and friends give to Nancy and Harry! So here it is “Read it and Weep”

Break the foreign policy axis of evil, the pro Israeli lobbyists and friends, the Evangelical Christian Coalition, and the Oil Oligopoly which are responsible for our foreign policy in the Middle East: The question of “why they hate us” will be evident!!

Break the foreign policy stranglehold that pushed this country into this Middle East fiasco, by my version of “the axis of evil” connecting pro Israel Americans, their evangelical Christian supporters and the Bush administration (representing of course the Oil Goons mainly from Texas. http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/11/13/news/israel.php , Before Nero came to power this axis evil al though very powerful, never used their influence overtly to cause such a mess around the world. After all, most of the world, including a few Middle Eastern countries, liked and respected us, but now well we all know the story.

By conducting congressional hearings, the American public may understand the real reason for going to war in Iraq. As indicated many times in this blogg, our invasion of Iraq was based on two hidden agenda by this axis of evil, 1.) Secure the world’s third largest oil reserves for an Oil oligopoly (cartel) http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/010707B.shtml ), and 2) insure superiority of the Zionists to rule all the lands from Iraq to Egypt. The Oil cartel is no different than the Mexican or Columbian drug cartel, except of course the Oil Goon’s shenanigans are legal, and they have their men Bush and Chaney at the helm doing their heavy lifting.

The Zionist and the Christian Coalition believe that God promised ALL the Jewish peoples of the world the lands of the Middle East no matter where they have lived for the past hundreds if not thousands of years. Their theory is that Jews (regardless of their country of origin) are God’s the chosen people!! The indigence Arabs living there are not God’s chosen people, are second-class citizens, terrorists and all responsible for 9/11! Let us not forget the two most loyal supporters of the Texan Nero, the right wing Christian Evangelists, the Oil Oligopoly and you throw in the half a million pro-Israeli lobbyist and their US corporate media mouth pieces, you have a guarantee in wining two elections as a president. Karl Rove is not so stupid!

Make sure Nero and company doesn’t expand the war in the Middle East. Stop the expansion of our operations in Iraq; in fact force Nero to begin to pull troops out of Iraq. Stop any talk of expanding the Middle East war to Iran and Syria

The fight between the US and Moslem world is not religious but of political and economical one http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6145522.stm, Most Arabs believe that the US and Israel wants to own (or control through puppet governments) all their lands above the ground and the western Oil Goons own their natural resources below! http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/010807A.shtml . The invasion of Iraq and Nero’s desire to invade both Syria and Iran authenticates, the Arab view and most importantly the global view that we aim to rule the peoples of the Middle East. I doubt that the majority of Israelis want their government to go to Syria and Iran especially with the “black eye” their military took by trying to re-occupy Lebanon. All good people (including the majority of Israelis) want to live in peace however as is in this country, the right wing in Israel control their politics. The Israeli the right-wing parties doesn’t want peace with the Palestinians http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/6157144.stm but more land.

Congress should flush out the reasons behind Nero’s change of management in conducting the war http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/010907L.shtml . It is obvious to this blogg that this change fits in with Bushes desires to deliver the agenda of for his axis of evil, a pay back for his two term victory as a president. He thinks invading Iran and Syria will give more oil to his pals and make Israel safer http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/010807R.shtml

Saddam the tyrant that he was, at least stopped Iraq in going through a sectarian civil war. It is obvious that our invasion of Iraq, started this civil war, while we may know how to start a civil war, history has shown that we are not good at stopping civil wars as was the case in Lebanon, Somalia and other places.

The war in Iraq is over, we lost, regardless of the reasons (Democracy, WMD, Israel, Oil, etc.). If over 90% of Iraqis believe the country was better before the invasion with Saddam at the helm, and the same percentage doesn’t want a troop increase but actually want the Americans leave, why are we there? http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/01/11/opinion/edgvosdev.php It is time to pack our bags and leave! It is time to look for a regional solution to this problem, and begin to withdraw our troops to show the peoples of the world that we have no desire to own and re-shape the Middle East in our own image.

The only success we had in stopping a civil war was in the Balkans; where the peoples there did not feel we have a permanent interest in occupying their lands. By putting more troops in Iraq, the indigence peoples of the Middle East will continue to believe that we want to permanently occupy and/or control them through their pro-American puppet leaders. More Americans will die, and more Arabs and Iranians will join their Jihad against us. Remember Vietnam, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/6245851.stm , we had another Texas cowboy, Lyndon Johnson who increased our involvement there, causing more death and destruction to all involved in the fighting and ultimately our defeat. Let us not allow this Texas cowboy to do the same!

Bring democracy to our media. Our democracy will greatly suffer if the information provided to our citizen continues to be delivered by four or five corporate entities with their hidden agendas. Have hearings to open up the air-waves to others, or open access to foreign broadcasters so we can view what others in glob are watching:

One of the reasons the public supported the march to war in Iraq, was because our corporate media was so pro war, never questioning the validity of Bushes arguments. It is time to engage the world, let our people really see what other peoples, feel and think about our actions! – Bring democracy the airwaves, instead of letting a bunch of corporate media type’s spoon feed information to us that benefits them http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/11/19/opinion/edpintak.php . If we call ourselves a free nation, why isn’t our public free to watch whatever we want? Eleanor Roosevelt once said “The American People will always make the right choice, if given ALL information”.

The Imperial Presidency is not good for our democracy and must be stopped.
(http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/010807J.shtml )

Start hearings on The Texan Nero’s power grab - http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/111406M.shtml, look at impeachment scenarios, never mind the political chaos it will cause, future administration should be warned never lie to get us into a war of choice for dubious causes, risk our freedom which has been guaranteed by our constitution, break international and domestic laws because a president can! Transparency must be brought back to our government. This president is a zealot and a bully; he doesn’t care about separation of powers guaranteed in our constitution nor public opinion as evident by sending more troops to Iraq, or with his desires to wire-tap anyone, read our mail, find out what books we read etc.

The continued draining of our treasury to feed the military industrial complex will not only make us go broke by our continued barrowing, but is it bad for our democracy because too much power is held by a few very synclinal corrupt a people.

We need oversight for the biggest military industrial complex ever! http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/111406F.shtml

The Pentagon will insure that we will remain in a perpetual state of war, until stopped by our citizens. http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/010807H.shtml , after all with billions and soon trillions of dollars to play why should they stop spending our hard earned tax dollars, if they are not held accountable. Rest assures that the shameless; Republican Party will never stop them, but continue to feed their quest for world domination. It is a nice little game they are playing with our tax dollars, they continue to build new more destructive weapons, then our enemies and allies will have to respond by building theirs, then they come to congress for more money to counter our enemies build up and so on. They will always find an enemy because without an enemy their power and reach will decrease. History has shown that power full militaries never reduce their power internally but from an external person or organization. Are we a real democracy? Is our military industrial complex so powerful that we cannot curtail their powers?

I hope the Democrats are listening! The Beachboy

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Who created the tyrant Saddam Hussein?

The following are a chronology of titled “Life and times of Saddam Hussein” as written by New Sunday Times of Malaysia on December 31,2006. The Times is one of the three main news papers of Malaysia.

April 25, 1937 Born to an impoverished farming family in Awja, Sunni Arab Village near Tikrit. Father abandons family before his birth.

1947: Flees from Abusive stepfather to live with uncle.

July 1952 Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser becomes political inspiration to young Saddam after toppling his country’s British-installed King Faruk 1

July 1957 Saddam joins uprising against British-backed King Faisal 11 of Iraq becomes militant in pan-Arab secular Baath Party

1958 Iraq’s monarchy overthrown in cop led by Brig Abdul-Karim Qasim and Col Abdul-al-Salam Muhammad Arif. Royal family murdered in orgy of bloodshed. Rise of Communist-backed Qasim threatens Western oil interests and the country’s role in Cold War with Soviet Union.

1959 Saddam wounded when US backed attempt to assassinated Qasim fails. Saddam lees to Syria, Lebanon and finally Egypt with the help of the US CIA

1962 Marries his cousin Sajida, while in exile, enrolls in Cairo law school- all expenses paid by the US

February 1963 Qasim killed in CIA-sponsored coup by Baath Party. Saddam – now head of al-Jihaz al-Khas, secret intelligence apparatus of Baath Party –presides over mass executions of suspected communists. Arif becomes president until his elder brother succeeds him in 1966

1964 Baath Party collapses, Saddam detained until his escape in 1967. While in prison Saddam is elected as deputy secretary-general of Baath Party.

July 1968: Leads revolt that restores Baath to power. Saadam becomes power behind president Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr.

July 16, 1979 Saddam pushed Bakr aside to become head of state. Appoints many close family members to power.

September 22 1980 Iraqi troops invade Iran, where Islamic revolution has toppled US-backed Shah. Saddam boasts he will be in Teheran within three days, resulting a war that lasts eight years which killed millions of people.

1982 US government removes Iraq from list of alleged sponsors of terrorism, enabling Saddam to buy American helicopters. Iraq rapidly becomes world’s largest retail purchaser of arms with US supplying up to US1.5 billion worth of weapons by 1990.

1983-84 President Ronald Reagan twice sends his Middle East envoy Donald Rumsfeld, to Baghdad. US Administration says defeat of Iraq in “contrary to US interests”. During second visit, UN report that Saddam is using mustard gas and Tabun nerve agent against the Iranian soldiers.

March 16 1988 Saddam’s forces accuse of killing some 5,000 people in Kurdish town of Jalabja by poison gas.

August 20 1988 US-sponsored ceasefire agreed. Iraq left with war debts of US$30 billion to its Arab backers of Iran invasion, including US$14 billion loaned by Kuwait.

August 1990 Iraq invades Kuwait over long-standing territorial dispute. Saddam accuses Kuwait of keeping oil prices low and violating Iraqi boarder to pump oil from disputed Rumaila oil field. US Security Council imposes sanctions on Baghdad.

Feb 1991 US-led international alliance drives Saddam’s army out of

March 1991 Saddam uses his Republican Guard to ruthlessly crush rebellion by Shias in southern Iraq and Kurds in north. US first encourage the both rebellion but fails to send support. Tens of thousands of civilians are killed.

April: Iraq accepts terms of UN Security Council resolution 687 which demands dismantling of WMD and payment of war reparations. Disputes over compliance lead to successive crises and keep sanctions in place for years.

1997 CIA reports that Iraqi armies have shrunk by half since 1991.

Jan 30, 2002 President George W. Bush brands Iraq, along with Iran, and North Korea, part of an “axis of evil” armed with WMD and supporting terrorism.

March 20, 2003 US and Britain invades Iraq, claiming Saddam has failed to comply with UN demands to get rid of WMD. No evidence is later found of such weapons.

April 9 US forces sweep into Baghdad to ecstatic welcome. Saddam’s 24 year rule crumbles into chaos.

July 22 Saddam’s two sons Uday and Qusay, killed by US forces in Mosul.

December 14 Saddam captured in hiding hole near Tikrit

July 2004 Former president (Saddam) told he faces seven charges.
October 19, 2005 Saddam goes on trial, charges with crimes against humanity for killing of 148 Shia men after 1982 assassination attempt against him in town of Dujail. Pleads not guilty.

November 5, 2006 Found guilty in Dujail trail. Sentenced to death by hanging.

December 3 Lawyers lodge appeal against death sentence

December 27 Appeal fails. Saddam hanged December 30th.

You will never see this in our US mainstream media because the answer is obvious. Why was this tyrant not tried at the world court in the Hague, Holland? The answer is obvious - Why do they hate us (now pretty much everyone, except the Israelis), the answer is obvious. Was it worth putting thousands of our brave men and women to death to over throw the tyrant that we created? The answer is obvious. Will we win this war? The answer is obvious. Will our “democratically elected” US tyrant and other un-elected tyrants in the Middle East and elsewhere “enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? The answer is obvious.

The Beach boy – from Malaysia