Friday, November 24, 2006

This is fresh off of CNN:


Mosques, worshippers attacked

Six Sunni men grabbed, burned to death leaving a mosque

Gunmen attacked three Sunni mosques in Baghdad

U.S., Iraqi forces sweep into Shiite stronghold, Sadr City, al-Sadr's group says

White House calls Sadr City attacks "senseless"

150 die in deadliest attack of Iraq war

Truly, can there be any doubt that now Iraq is or shortly will be in a state of total CIVIL WAR and that no amount of Rovian GOP spin can change this reality or the perception thereof??? Yes, we are now seeing the total and complete fruition of BUSH’ S LIE BASED WAR in Iraq with the Iraqi people and the men and Women of the American Military baring the brunt of this ill concieved, LIE BASED and poorly executed disaster. This is Bush’s way of saying HAPPY THANKSGIVING or would that be…”MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”!!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006


This is a news flash from the real world that the GOP lovers avoid...No, you are not dreaming. Rummy is gone...soon Bolton...bring on the investigations!!!!!!

What will the GOP'S excuse be when the Dems finally get Osama and Mullah Omar??? Enjoy the next two years OH LOVERS OF ALL THINGS BUSH/GOP as your boy is exposed for the Corrupt and Inept Moron that really he is.

You are now living in the GOP/FOX NEWS version of Hell.

(Check out the link at the top...it's GOOD..thanks to THE BEACHBOY for it.)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006



America has spoken! Now the Dems have Bush and the rest of his corrupt and incompetent administration right where they want them...i.e. BY THE BALLS!!!

Also, looks like enough Slack Jaws and Rubes of Red State America wised up to the fact that after all the BULLSHIT Rovian Swill they had been fed that they were in actuality being majorly screwed by the GOP..too bad they couldn’t have seen what the rest of us saw way back in 2004.

Maybe there will be an Impeachment...maybe not, but one thing is for sure and that is with Subpoena Power at the end of the next two years ( by the end of Bush’s Term) the America people will know just how inept and corrupt this Moron and his Regime really were. I am truly gonna enjoy the next two years as we all witness the slow political demise of GW Bush as it is laid bare for all to see that GEORGE W.BUSH IS TRULY ONE OF THE WORST PRESIDENTS THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER HAD!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Well dear readers and haters of all thing GOP and Bush…this is it. Within next 48 hours…if all goes well, Americans may well know if we shall continue to follow and STAY THE COURSE that is the failed policies both Foreign and Domestic of BUSHCO or if America has had enough of this inarticulate nitwit and the Corrupt and rubber stamp that is the GOP congress. When heading to the polls keep in mind who it was that took us to war in Iraq and has failed to manage it correctly. As well as what party has given away massive amounts of dollars to the Multinational corporations at the expense of the workingmen and women of the Nation. When heading to the Polls keep in mind who has saddled the country with massive debt owed to China and India all left to the Middle Class to pay off. When heading to the POLLS keep in mind who promised good paying jobs (that have yet to materialize) after giving massive tax cuts and give-aways to the Very Rich. If you are somewhat informed and have an IQ a few points above your average Southern Bible Banging Inbred…the choice of who to vote for should be clear.

As far as those GOP shills that say all the concern about the E-voting machines is nothing more than LIBERAL WHINING let me just say that they are FULL OF SHIT..here’s why. I live in a small western town with a population of about 5,000. The state in which I live has adopted these E-voting machines. This past week I had the chance to vote early. The turnout was steady while I was there, but not overwhelming. When I was about to cast my ballot on one of these SHAKY E-VOTING MACHINES my screen WENT BLANK as did about four other citizens, erasing all previous input and a printer jammed. I had to recast my ballot and when I did I asked the nice poll person what happened and their reply was “I DON’T KNOW”. So, with that said look for MAJOR PROBLEMS tomorrow and also watch for the GOP to try to steal ANOTHER ELCETION.


The Democrats with take the house (no Idea what the margin will be but it will be large), but will not take the Senate as the Rubes, Racists and clueless Bible Bangers in Virginia and Missouri will vote for the Evil GOP.

Also after the elections:

Watch for Gas prices to rise after the elections.

Watch for Bush to call up more Troops to fight his cluster in Iraq as it eventually goes in to full scale Civil War.

Watch for Bush and the GOP to push for Illegal Immigrant amnesty.

Thursday, November 02, 2006