Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sleeping with the enemy

The party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Eisenhower is sleeping with the enemy and making money from it! These three great presidents must be rolling in their graves! Their decedents, our current ruling party, the GOP, headed by the Texan Nero helped created our current enemies for the past 30 years.
Now we find out that the little dictator with nuclear weapons in North Korea has been supported by Bush and his GOP cronies , through their relationship with Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who owns the Washington Times, the local capital mouth piece for the GOP. The Reverend has been bypassing our laws not dealing with the little dictator with the help of the Bushies and the GOP, so he can give money to North Korea to buy weapons. What a pleasant surprise!!

Let us not forget that picture of Rummy shaking hands with Saddam in the 1980’s representing another GOP administration. Remember that Rummy was there to offer support to Saddam both morally and with weapons to fight the Iranians. A war in which incidentally was encouraged and supported by a previous GOP administration with their friends the Kings and Sheiks of OPEC.

Then there was a little incident during the Iran hostage crises where, the then GOP presidential candidate “the great communicator” negotiated the secret arms for hostages deal with the same Mullahs that are confronting us today. The deal was to make President Carter look incompetent during the 1980 election and then when the GOP wins, release the hostages and we will give you some weapons! What a great plan, our military industrial complex sold weapons to both sides! What evil geniuses these GOP!

Let us see, the GOP created and supported the “Axis of Evil”, Iran, Iraq and North Korea, for many years, and now are bent on destroying it. While our corporate media and loyal opposition looks the other way, our public is duped by believing that the GOP is the only party that can protect America. What a great strategy, create wars to destroy the enemies you built, make money for your friends in Halliburton, the Oil Goons and other corporation and win elections by appearing strong and uncompromising ! While the Red-State fools are still with the Texan Nero and his gang of the corrupt GOP, the rest of our public may finally have gotten the message and may throw most of these bums out of office to count their ILL-GOTTEN monies.



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