Friday, October 27, 2006

Well, with the elections less than two weeks away and after six LONG YEARS of the Bush regime and his EVIL toadies and sycophants in the Congress giving the country away to the Corporations and a war based on Lies, deceit all I can say is “IT”S ABOUT GODDAMNED TIME!!!!”
Yes, finally the slack jaws, the gullible and the intellectually challenge of RED STATE America are starting to see the monkey show that is the Bush/GOP RULE for what it is ie a sham and a shell game rigged against the Middle Class and the country as a whole.
Yes, after MILLIONS of their jobs have been shipped overseas, Millions have gone into Bankruptcy and Foreclosure after FAILED BUSH/GOP policies and as thousands of their sons and daughters, and husbands and wives have had their asses shot off in Iraq or have been severly wound. Funny, you don't hear those GOP/FOX NEWS FLAG WAVERs cheering on this mess like they used to...do ya???

So, with the majority of the country fed up and pissed off at the EVIL GOP and the Moron in Chief and leaning Dem the question has to be what do Rove and Mehlmen have planned to do to steal the election…again??


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