Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Folks, the other day at the UN, we saw our bumbling leader talk about his vision of imposing democracy through out the, while his audience just rolled it’s eyes, thinking here we go again! Gone is the Texas swagger, now our humble Nero is talking directly the peoples of the Middle East about democracy. Never mind that he is calling the democratic elected governments of Palestine, Venezuela and Iran terrorists while holding hands with dictators in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, etc.. While our corporate media cheer leaded him into winning two elections and invading two countries, the rest of the world shuns him as an arrogant, egotistical and intellectually challenged fool.

The Muslim world agree with Iran’s’ President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who pointed out Nero’s and therefore America’s aspiration to "rule the world,” and most of Latin America has similar views as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who just called him “the devil ” at the UN. While our corporate media, the Politicians of both parties has called Chavez and Amhadinejad bombastic and comments "not becoming of a head of state “, while their audience at UN gave both men a standing ovation. Chavez maybe bombastic, but his references to Noam Chomsky’s “Hegemony or Survival”, just made the book a best seller here in the US, even though the book was published in 2004! Thank God our corporate media only controls 95% of information fed to our public.

What is even more interesting is the Europeans, who are supposed to be our traditional allies, can’t stand the man i.e. Bush, and as result the U.S.! A recent poll of 16,500 people in 15 countries this year by the Pew Research Center showed a steady decline in public approval of the United States, virtually across the world. Support for the United States had declined to 39 percent in France, 23 percent in Spain, 12 percent in Turkey and 15 percent in Jordan. Even in Britain, where 83 percent of the population backed the United States in 2000, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have eroded support to 56 percent this year.

Calling our own Noam Chomsky, a leftwing reactionary, Chavez bombastic, and ignoring world public opinion is the same old tired technique of attacking the messenger by our political and corporate elites practiced here at home against their dissenters. If we are truly a free country and are open to all opinions, why are we not discussing the hatred towards us by the rest of the world or what we can do to correct a problem that will haunt us for generations? Luckily, for the rest of the world, these same political and media elites who supported this bumbling fool shot themselves in the foot! America has never been so unpopular and weak. Global domination is a thing of the past, just as the Roman Nero began the demise of Roman Empire; our Texan Nero began the demise of the American Empire.

Our corporate media’s propaganda cannot penetrate citizens outside this country and cannot brainwash them in believing that Bush has their best interest in mind. By backing this Texan moron, the American Empire, which really belongs to the corporations, the military and our political elite, is at an irreversible decline. Just as the Texan Nero is becoming irrelevant in global leadership, the empire is becoming irrelevant in controlling the lives of other peoples.



Colin Powell warned Bush of Iraq quagmire: book


See, your Commander in IDIOT was warned and now the Military must pay the price for this IDIOT nad his LIES

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