Thursday, August 10, 2006

So, if this is the case does this mean that Bush will cut his 5-WEEK VACATION short? Does this mean Bush will finally do something about our porous and broken borders? Does this mean Bush and the GOP will stop giving away our Ports and Airlines to the HIGHEST BIDDER etc...etc...etc...????

Good thing this story came along as the polls were headed south for Bush and the GOP as well as, IRAQ and Afghanistan are circling the drain and the Mid East is in the mdst of meltdown. However, you can expect the same Bush response to this as in all things i.e. Sound Bytes and Photo Ops and little else in the way of action.

All I can say is it was good the Brits were on this as if it was the Dept. of Homeland INsecurity it would have been bad news.

Another 5 week vacation could another Katrina be coming for Bush to ignore????


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