Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stick a fork in it ..it’s DONE!!

I think that it is safe to assume that Iraq is or soon will be in all out Civil War and we are witnessing the proof that the Bush Doctrine is a Failure.

The headlines tell it all..no I don’t mean “ALL THE GOOD NEWS” that is coming out of Iraq. I mean sectarian Violence is through the roof in Iraq, Afghanistan is in turmoil as the Taliban gains more power and momentum and Israel, Lebanon, and the Palestinians are on the road to war (gee…what a surprise).Looks like Colin Powell was right and the Neo cons were wrong.

Chalk it up as just another in a long line of failures for this Clueless Cowboy and his Failed Foreign policy. I know…I know…I’m hurting the troops by saying the obvious, but remember we here at the BS Insurgency told you so.

Also, good news for those of you that support this Idiot and his Mess in the Desert i.e. The military has raised the age of service to 42 years of age…SO get your coddled flag waving ASSES to your recruiter now all you GOP Voting, Bible Banging, CHICKENHAWKS…no more excuses!!!!


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