Sunday, July 30, 2006

Israel, the US media’s darling little victim!

Folks, here we go again, the US media’s little darling, the helpless Israel is being tortured by a few rockets while acting like a drank sailor in bar smashing everything in its path without a clue of how to get what they want.
Let us not forget that they have nuclear weapons pointed at every Arab country and Iran, or the fact that for the past fifty years they have preformed ethnic cleansing of their neighbors, by continually expanding their territories. Of course point these facts will make anyone “anti-Semitic”!

Our “fair and balanced” media is once again shaping public opinion. Recall that just last year, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and the most “fair balanced of them all, FOX, were in Lebanon, cheering the people on their “democracy” by kicking the Syrian’s out. Of course, let us not forget that the same crowd was cheering our troops, riding on their tanks and gloating on the Neocon’s strategy to bring “democracy” in Iraq.

In the past few years, if these events don’t convince our public of the media’s shameful bias towards Israeli’s wishes, what will? This blogg has always pointed out that our current mess in Iraq and the arguments leading to it was shaped by what was good for Israel. Unfortunately for us Americans, what is good for Israel is NOT what is good for the USA! Does anyone believe that had it not been for our past policies in the Middle East to mainly protect Israel, Bin Laden and his terrorist gang would have attacked us? We Americans don’t occupy the lands of Canada and Mexico, or hold millions of our neighbors in concentration camps. American and Israel have nothing in common! We have to wake up or else American WILL be like Israel one of the most hated countries in the Planet! Oh wait, aren’t we one of the most hated countries in the plane as well! I am sure Israel leaders are proud that we too are hated now! Misery loves company!

What our Israeli controlled media doesn’t tell you is that, most of the world can see that there is not much difference between terrorizing innocent people of Lebanon by bombing them to the stone ages and Hezbollah’s terrorizing the Israelis by lobbing a few low tech missiles! Terrorist terrorize for a reason, never mind if the reason is right or wrong.

Contrary to what our glories media or all the pro-Israeli talking heads are saying, Israel never cared about civilian deaths as long as they convince the US public that all their actions are justified!
As long as they have the power, who cares about a bunch of Arab lives. The Nazi’s caused the death and destruction in World War II because they were strong and they didn’t care about other people’s public opinion. They felt killing 6 million Jews will be justified because “might is right”, apparently, their victims who live in Israel and US have not learned. If you cause death and destructions to innocent people, eventually it will catches up to you! Maybe they are fulfilling the dreams of our religious nuts here at home by ensuring Armageddon and the return of their savior! Maybe this is the reason why our Boy George the Texan Nero is so pro-Israel!

Meanwhile, we will have CNN’s Anderson Cooper, showing all the poor victims of the ’ Hezbollah’s few rockets, while ignoring that for every Israeli killed, at least 10 times that amount will be killed by Israel in Lebanon! Watch for all the Israeli guests on our media indicate the virtues of the tough Israelis and that their lives are being shattered while ignoring the massive death and destruction that they cause on innocent victims.

Watch for our politicians to continue to support anything that Israel does, because you cannot be elected in this country without being on the right side of our bias media’s good graces. Never mind that our politicians are scared to death of the power of over 100,000 various pro-Israeli lobbyist bent on destroying any of them if anyone one of them goes against Israel

While our tax dollars provides about $2.5 billion in military and economic aid to Israel each year, U.S. aid to Lebanon amounts to no more than $40 million. This despite the fact that the per capita GDP of Israel is among the highest in the world at $24,600, nearly four times as high as Lebanon's GDP per capita of $6,200. Poor Israel, they are victims and they need our money! Their nuclear weapons pointing at Arab and Iranian capitals will not ensure their continued ethnic cleansing of their neighbors.

Watch out for the Israeli government officials to point out that Lebanon is being bombed because they didn’t comply to the UN resolutions to disarm Hezbollah, while ignoring UN resolution 242 that states that Israel must get rid of their land grabbing and go back to the 1967 borders. Don’t expect to hear, that Hezbollah kidnapped the two Israelis in exchange for the women and children that is held in Israeli prisons! Yes the original proposal was for exchange of women and children! You will NEVER hear that every Arab country and Hamas, Hezbollah, and others say if Israel gives back their land occupied in 1967, all hostilities will be stopped FOR EVER and they will gladly recognize the Jewish state, there by saving our tax payers billions of dollars by not fighting wars to protect Israel!
Poor little Israel, can have nuclear weapons but Iran cannot! Poor little Israel can perform ethnic cleansing while, Serbia, Sudan and other countries cannot! Poor little Israel’s democracy must be protect, but democracies in Palestine or Lebanon must be destroyed! The Policy of victimization has worked for over 50 years and thanks to our media, our self serving politicians and the over 100,000 lobbyists, it will ensure that they will reap the benefits for the next 50 years! While we Americans will pay both with our lives and tax dollars in Iraq, Iran and all the other Middle East countries, Israel continue to expand, hold over 3 million people hostages etc . WHEN WILL WE EVER WAKE UP! America and Israel have nothing in common!!!
The Beachboy

The Beach boy is NOT anti-Semitic

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stick a fork in it ..it’s DONE!!

I think that it is safe to assume that Iraq is or soon will be in all out Civil War and we are witnessing the proof that the Bush Doctrine is a Failure.

The headlines tell it all..no I don’t mean “ALL THE GOOD NEWS” that is coming out of Iraq. I mean sectarian Violence is through the roof in Iraq, Afghanistan is in turmoil as the Taliban gains more power and momentum and Israel, Lebanon, and the Palestinians are on the road to war (gee…what a surprise).Looks like Colin Powell was right and the Neo cons were wrong.

Chalk it up as just another in a long line of failures for this Clueless Cowboy and his Failed Foreign policy. I know…I know…I’m hurting the troops by saying the obvious, but remember we here at the BS Insurgency told you so.

Also, good news for those of you that support this Idiot and his Mess in the Desert i.e. The military has raised the age of service to 42 years of age…SO get your coddled flag waving ASSES to your recruiter now all you GOP Voting, Bible Banging, CHICKENHAWKS…no more excuses!!!!