Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Republicans in Congress Kill a bill against permanent bases in Iraq

We have said many times here in this blog, that the war in Iraq is about conquest and control of the Middle East. This hidden agenda that our media glosses over and I am sure supports, was evident today as our incompetent GOP congress voted against leaving Iraq ever!

Yes folks our corrupt GOP congress is following The Texan Nero bent on world domination. This blog’s opinion has always been that the insurgency in Iraq and the Iran’s nuclear ambitions are directly related to our desires to own Iraq forever or better yet, as the Necon’s would love, the Middle East forever. If these Christian Fundamentalists, spiteful, bullies are not voted out of office in the upcoming election, evidence of their empire building will be even clearer.

Despite his low poll numbers, the Texan Nero i.e. Bush has the mainstream media and enough Red-state fools as support to continue his dream of world domination. Lucky for us that Nero is totally incompetent and will be “checkmated” in his every move by the international community. Hey! Nero! You cannot fool all the people all the time! Didn’t Daddy teach you anything??!!

The Beachboy


Blogger crallspace said...

Anyone who supports Bush has a brain disorder, plain and simple.

Wake me when this neocon nightmare ends; it's damaging my psychology.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 3:39:00 PM  

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