Friday, June 30, 2006

BUSH’S Supreme Court puts the KIBOSH on his IMPERIAL ASPIRATIONS.

So Bush finally got slapped down by his own FRIGHTWING packed Supreme Court??? Seems they also have a hard time with this IMPERIAL presidency that Bush and Cheney have been trying to establish over the last 6 years.

Hey,as far as the setting up of programs to monitor and catch Terrorists I have no problem. What sticks in my craw is this King in Chiefs total contempt for the constitution and the System of CHECKS AND BALANCES that this AMERICAN DEMOCRACY IS FOUNDED ON! He claims that these SECRET programs that he set up protect AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES …this from the same guy that swore that Saddam was and imminent threat and he KNEW where those illusive WMDs were? This from the same guy that swore he would FIRE anyone in his govt. that was involved with the Valerie Plame Affair (this was before we found out that he was also the LEAKER in CHIEF) ?

In the past 6 years alone he ie BUSH has attached over
750 Addendums to Bills that he deemed that he as an elected official of the American People was above following and obeying. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of ploy he will play next to get out of following the Dictates of the highest Court in the LAND??


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