Monday, May 15, 2006

The Texan Nero and his GOP stooges are mounting a come back

Look out folks, the politics of hate is upon us again. The coalition of the Bible Bangers, the Zionists, the greedy higher incomers, the Red state fools that put Nero in office 2000 and 2004 is crumbling. Nero’s poll numbers dipping below 30 percent means only one thing, bringing back the only GOP strategy that has been successful since the 1960s. The Politics of fear and hate. The Politics of fear and hate, elected Nixon (the 60s radicals will take over the country), Reagan (the Russians are coming), Bush 1 (Dukakis riding a tank) and Bush 2 (Saddam).

While 9/11 was a gift for the Republicans, because it re-opened the GOP playbook of using fear and hate to get votes, now the public seemed to figured out that all the lies this administration has fed us, are just that lies! Or have we? The debate about illegal immigration and domestic spying leads me to believe that the ill-informed American public will always be sawed by the politics of fear. We forgot what a great American ones told us; “The only thing to fear is fear itself”

If the polls are correct that 2/3 of the American public says it is all right for the government to spy on its citizen (Jefferson is rolling in his grave!) means the fear of 9/11 is not over. Look for the sinking GOP to justify spying on all us by claming to protect us. I suppose we are all guilty until proven innocent! We should trust this ethical administration not use any conversation heard of those who disagree with them, against us!

Then there is illegal immigration. Nero and his GOP stooges want to send the already stressed out National Guard who is fighting in Iraq to protect our glorious freedom, to stop illegals coming across our boarders. I suppose a few thousand National Guards can monitor the many millions of people coming across our borders. Never mind penalizing the big GOP contributors who actual hire them for cheap labor. I predict our ill-informed Public will buy this idiotic strategy!

Look for the GOP’s strategy in the coming midterm elections, to once again try to scare the hell out of us so that their Red-State fools will come back to their fold (THE stupid truck driving, confederate flag waving BUBAS are easily aroused). The GOP talking heads will try to scare us on Iran’s nukes (to protect Israel), illegal aliens taking our jobs (never mind that illegal represent less than 3% of our work force), the liberals will tax us to death (so lets give millionaires thousands of dollars and stiff the middle class with the bill) and off course that BOOGIE MAN Osama is talking to all of us, so let us surrender our civil liberties and have the NSA spy on all of us. Will it work? It works all the time as long as the public is ill-informed, and yes we are ill-informed!

The Beachboy


Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said...

Gore and other Dems aren't using politics of fear with their tripe about global warming dooming us in 10 years?

As for the politics of hate regarding the gay marriage amendment, a winning strategy promoting hate would demand that the majority is prone to hate. I don't think it is hate at all. It is simply a preservation of traditional marriage.

We hear stories all the time from India about people marrying animals and even inanimate objects. This is in their culture and tribal law. To bring that into this country (an unlikely scenario I admit) would be an extreme example of the destruction of traditional marriage. Polygamy even of same sex is against our definition of traditional marriage. Do we hate polygamists? No. (Some might be envious, but...;) This is not hatred. It is the preservation of something at the heart of our tradition. The majority supports traditional marriage. Somehow polls showing a majority of people think Bush sucks is ok, but when a majority support traditional marriage it is suddenly irrelavent.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006 8:25:00 AM  
Anonymous The beachboy said...

Hey you fool! Have you ever been to India or is this just news from your FOX channel or Rush or the 700 club! Statements like this about India justifies this blog calling you a real "Red State Fool", go tell people from India or better yet anywhere else outside your cesspool of place. My God what fool you are! – Sticking your head up your behind and pretending you know something about other cultures is the exact reason your Nero the zero got this country in a mess! – You just don’t get it! Remember it is ignorance and arrogance that will be the down fall of this great country! And we are on our way!

Regarding Gay marriage, what is your problem with two people living together and having the same rights as opposite sex couples? This all they want. But of course since this is something way behind your comprehension and not in your “holy Bible” or your Koran or your Torah, then I guess it is a sin! And it must be stopped! Never mind all the other issues that needs to be resolved by this idiotic GOP congress, lets stop government and go after Gays! I guess the rest of the world is WRONG once again and your “Red state” mentality challenge, cesspool of a place is RIGHT! God help us all because your kind is in power!

Thursday, June 08, 2006 9:40:00 AM  
Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said...

Hey you fool! Have you ever been to India or is this just news from your FOX channel or Rush or the 700 club!...

Are you claiming this does not happen in India? Where are you getting this pretending bit? What makes you think I do not know? I think you are the one blowing smoke and has no idea about anything in the Indian culture.

I also noticed you completely bypassed my very good polygomy analogy. I guess it did not fit too well into your template that the basis of my position is hatred of gays so you just tip-toed right past it.

Monday, June 12, 2006 10:02:00 PM  

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