Sunday, April 30, 2006

Will the GOP go to another war to protect Israel?

As has been written here on more than one occasion the war in Iraq was a war of choice, a war that was designed to maximize Israel’s military power and maximize the profits of our beloved oil companies. However, unfortunately for the Israeli lobby, a lobby that is both powerful and corrupt, Israel is weaker now than before the invasion of Iraq. But the good news is that Big Oil is making record profits and gouging us at the pump.

Also, it was reported in the ,that the powerful Neo-cons that ran our foreign policy (Richard Pearl, Douglas Fieth and Paul Wolfowitz, etc.) and led us into this debacle in Iraq blocked any effort for our government to begin a dialog with the Iranians about their nukes as far back as 2003. I suppose pointing out that the names of the main characters of this comedy of Neo Con Errors are all Jewish and extremely pro-Israeli will make me “anti-Semitic”!

My fellow citizens, if we don’t do something about this powerful lobby (some say, numbers at 100,000 strong) that conducts our foreign policy behind the scenes, we will no doubt go to our third war under The Texan Nero.
A great historian, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., wrote in the Washington Post that our Democracy is in Jeopardy if we as a nation let The Texan Nero take us to his third war during his remaining term!

If we go to war in Iran, it will once again be about big oil and the Israeli lobby. Luckily for us with Iraq, the glaringly obvious corruption and incompetence of the Bush Admin. and Bush’s own falling approval ratings have deflated Nero’s swagger!

Rolling Stone Magazine already calls The Texan Nero, the
“worst President in History”, it is only the beginning. Wait until impeachment proceedings begin under a Democratic congress.

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