Monday, April 24, 2006

White House knew there were no WMD: CIA

Not that this is any surprise to us that are free thinking and "INFORMED " Americans, but gee what a surprise it must be to those that supported this Texas Sh** Kicker and his CABAL OF CROOKS AND LIARS. How discouraging it must be for those that have family or are themselves involved in the Lie that is the IRaq war.

Things just keep going wrong for Bush and GOD'S PARTY ie THE GOP.Iraq is in a low level Civil War, the country is mired in debt, most of which is owed to China, the gas that we were told was gonna be cheap if we went to war with Iraq is approaching $4.oo a gallon, the President has no clue what the hell is going on in the country and everything that Bush and the GOP told us was the Truth has proven to be WRONG or a LIE...so whattya gonna do????

You can bet that even the FOX NEWS watching inbreeds in the most Red of States will be thinking twice before voting Republican in the upcoming Mid terms in November.

Truly, is it any wonder the Karl Rove has been taken of his policy job to start focusing on Nov? He knows that if the Evil GOP loses control of the Congress this Fall that Impeachment will no longer be a nightmare for Bush it will be a REALITY. I guess it’s time for the GOP and Rove to start hacking the code all those DIEBOLD VOTING MACHINES like they did Ohio in 04 otherwise Bush and the GOP are in DEEP S***!!!


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