Sunday, April 30, 2006

Will the GOP go to another war to protect Israel?

As has been written here on more than one occasion the war in Iraq was a war of choice, a war that was designed to maximize Israel’s military power and maximize the profits of our beloved oil companies. However, unfortunately for the Israeli lobby, a lobby that is both powerful and corrupt, Israel is weaker now than before the invasion of Iraq. But the good news is that Big Oil is making record profits and gouging us at the pump.

Also, it was reported in the ,that the powerful Neo-cons that ran our foreign policy (Richard Pearl, Douglas Fieth and Paul Wolfowitz, etc.) and led us into this debacle in Iraq blocked any effort for our government to begin a dialog with the Iranians about their nukes as far back as 2003. I suppose pointing out that the names of the main characters of this comedy of Neo Con Errors are all Jewish and extremely pro-Israeli will make me “anti-Semitic”!

My fellow citizens, if we don’t do something about this powerful lobby (some say, numbers at 100,000 strong) that conducts our foreign policy behind the scenes, we will no doubt go to our third war under The Texan Nero.
A great historian, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., wrote in the Washington Post that our Democracy is in Jeopardy if we as a nation let The Texan Nero take us to his third war during his remaining term!

If we go to war in Iran, it will once again be about big oil and the Israeli lobby. Luckily for us with Iraq, the glaringly obvious corruption and incompetence of the Bush Admin. and Bush’s own falling approval ratings have deflated Nero’s swagger!

Rolling Stone Magazine already calls The Texan Nero, the
“worst President in History”, it is only the beginning. Wait until impeachment proceedings begin under a Democratic congress.

The Beachboy

Monday, April 24, 2006

White House knew there were no WMD: CIA

Not that this is any surprise to us that are free thinking and "INFORMED " Americans, but gee what a surprise it must be to those that supported this Texas Sh** Kicker and his CABAL OF CROOKS AND LIARS. How discouraging it must be for those that have family or are themselves involved in the Lie that is the IRaq war.

Things just keep going wrong for Bush and GOD'S PARTY ie THE GOP.Iraq is in a low level Civil War, the country is mired in debt, most of which is owed to China, the gas that we were told was gonna be cheap if we went to war with Iraq is approaching $4.oo a gallon, the President has no clue what the hell is going on in the country and everything that Bush and the GOP told us was the Truth has proven to be WRONG or a LIE...so whattya gonna do????

You can bet that even the FOX NEWS watching inbreeds in the most Red of States will be thinking twice before voting Republican in the upcoming Mid terms in November.

Truly, is it any wonder the Karl Rove has been taken of his policy job to start focusing on Nov? He knows that if the Evil GOP loses control of the Congress this Fall that Impeachment will no longer be a nightmare for Bush it will be a REALITY. I guess it’s time for the GOP and Rove to start hacking the code all those DIEBOLD VOTING MACHINES like they did Ohio in 04 otherwise Bush and the GOP are in DEEP S***!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

ZEN KOAN: If an administration continued to lie and no one believed it would it still be able to have credibility???

If it wasn’t for how almost BROWNSHIRT in manner the GOP/RIGHT/ BUSH SUPPORTERS treated those of us that disagreed even tacitly to the policies of this Admin. and the GOP over the last six years this would almost be a time to feel sorry for the Idiot in the Bubble that is our Commander in Chief. Yes, those of us that were given this generation’s version of the GOP’s “AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT “rap or your either with us or with the Terrorists BS are almost gleeful when we fire up the computer every morning and see the mounting problems of Bush and the GOP. We really would like to say “See we told you so”, but that for the most part is unnecessary as the polls tell the tale and for the most part the Jingoistic Jugheads that cheered us onto war with Iraq are SILENT as they sit back and watch the mounting deaths that come out of Iraq everyday and pray to their Almighty GOP GOD that the draft doesn’t get reinstated so that Bobby and Suzy won’t have to serve in Bush “cluster in Iraq.

Things seem to be going from bad to worse with this gang that couldn’t shoot straight that is currently in the White House. Now even the generals that have been forced to fight this mess that Iraq has become are beginning to speak with one voice for the head of Mr. DEAD ENDER himself aka Rumsfeld. But still Bush stands by his Sect. ashe does with all that are TOTALLY INEPT and INCOMPETENT, but demonstrate the one quality that is a virtue to this White House, no not the ability to lie profusely with a straight face that quality is Loyalty.

Loyalty a quality that is seldom found in the realm of everday people. Loyalty, a character trait that is highly prized amongst friends, but a quality that is leading to those sagging poll numbers and in the end will lead to the further unraveling of this Administrations legacy.

Some times this administration and the clueless sh** that it passes for spin reminds me of that scene from Animal House with a young Kevin Bacon his hands over his head exclaiming “ALL IS WELL” as a maelstrom of total chaos surrounds him.Yes, we still get the same old Bush "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" song and dance even as the layoffs at home continue as the corporate criminals that Bush calls friends reap record profits, the Illegals continue to poor across the borders, and the Noble Cause in Iraq reaps it daily carnage.

So if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a noise??? Who knows??? However,rest assured though that even if I or anyone else was not here to chronicle it, this presidency and it’s GOP supremacy would still be headed down the SH*TTER. So pull up a chair, crack open a beer and watch the Bush admin implode and the GOP go down the tubes come Nov.


Sorry for the dearth of posts as of late, but have been very busy.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yes, the glory days of the Hammer have come to an end.

Anybody that has followed this guy’s political career knows that he will never back down from a fight. He knew that the upcoming political campaign to defend and keep his seat was going to be a tough one. In better times it would be no problem for this arrogant and corrupt Gerrymandering Bastard, but now as the true nature of Delay and the GOP comes out with the Abramoff scandal it won’t be so easy.
There is more to Delay throwing in the towel than a tough fight coming over his seat.Given that the Abramoff scandal continues to go deeper into his office like a cancer watch for more incriminating evidence to come out about this clown in the very near future.

Goodbye Hammer and GOOD RIDDENCE!!!

One corrupt and evil RAT BASTARD REPUBLICAN down..a whole Congressional majority to go.