Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Iraq Edges Closer to Open Civil Warfare

Bush defends troubled Medicare drug benefit

Americans pessimistic on war as Bush's Poll Numbers hit new LOW!!!

Remember FANS OF ALL THINGS ANTI BUSH that you heard it here way back on July 4th of 2005, that the glory days of our Idiot in Chief from Crawford were coming to an end. The shine is off the Apple that is the Bush Presidency and truly it couldn’t have happened to a more Evil Lying Moron.

Unfortunately, we as a nation, Republican, Democrat and OTHER will be paying for this failure of a Presidency for years, if not Decades, to come. Have no fear, the bill will come due, so in the mean time just sit back and enjoy as the USS BUSH continues it’s slow and inevitable dive to the bottom.

And ah oh yeah…WE TOLD YOU SO..SLACKJAWS!!!!



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