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Bush in his 2006 State of the Union Address sounded like the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar “"In a time of testing we cannot find security by abandoning our commitments and retreating within our borders," he said. "If we were to leave these vicious attackers alone, they would not leave us alone. They would simply move the battlefield to our shores." Hmmm sounds like the Emperor is still bent on world domination! – I am sure all conquering leaders have repeated this speech throughout history. Conquering leaders usually rationalize their adventures from a defensive prospective and rarely offensive! If we don’t get them, they will get us! How appropriate?

But talk is cheap! – Julius Caesar’s adventures were done at the time when the Roman Empire was at its accession and not its decline. No my friends, Bush is not Julius Caesar but another Caesar, Nero! Soon you will see that the peoples of the world will let Nero play his banjo, because this Texan Nero has no power to dictate events in the Middle East or for that matter anywhere else! He is a spent force! Here’s why?

What can the Texan Nero do to make Iran stop its obsession to develop nuclear weapons? The answer is nothing!

What are the options?

1. Bomb the nukes from the air? Iran has distributed its facilities all over the country? Bombing will not get all of them. However, bombing Iran whether the US does it alone or the Israeli’s do it or a joint operation between the two, will only make the Iranians more united in their pursuit to get nuclear weapons. There is no doubt that the hard-line Iranian government will increase its support for Iraqi terrorists. Let’s be honest, wasn’t it the Texan Nero who labeled Iran as one of the axis of evil? Didn’t we just invade both of their neighbors? Gee!!! I suppose they are not going to arm themselves to the teeth! Any government given the current circumstances will do whatever to protect themselves! So if we bomb, let us not forget who controls the Iraqi government, the Shiites aligned with the current Iranian government. If you think things are bad in Iraq now, wait until the Shiites get involved in bombing our soldiers! It will truly be hell for us there!

2. Invade Iran? Are you kidding? We can’t control an Iraqi population of 25 million how are we going to occupy a country of 80 million? Do we have the money, the power, the resolve to now occupy two countries of 105 million people just to destroy the Iranian nukes? Bush maybe stupid, but I doubt if our military or our population will support an invasion of Iran. Israel cannot do it alone! – They have to cross Jordon, and Iraq to get to Iran. If they try to invade Iran, Israel will be no more!

3. Negotiate? Negotiate what? What leverage do we have over Iran? What can we possible offer them? No my friends, the US alone cannot offer them anything them. How about the Europeans? What can they do? – Absolutely Nothing! The Europeans cannot invade Iran or help invade Iran, because their peoples don’t trust us and hate Nero! – Sanctions? So the west will put economic sanctions on Iran, and Iran will gladly buy from China, Russia, and India etc. as well as sell all their oil to them and there will be plenty cold dark winters for any country that join us in this misguided adventure. You think you are paying for high gas prices now? Wait until the West forces sanctions on Iran!

Russia and China will just sit on their hands and laugh at the west! - Russia does have a problem because they are fighting Islamists in Georgia, Chechnya, and places in their empire. They may be worried that these Islamists will get a hold of a nuke, but by kissing the Iranians butts and actually cooperating with them, the Iranians will not give the nukes to the Islamists in Russia, Russia will sell their nuclear technology to Iran and make some money. Don’t forget that the Russians and the Chinese don’t want the American Empire to continue our pursuit for global domination! So why should they help us? In fact, it is my opinion, that the standoff with Iran over the nukes will actually strength both Russia and China.

A possible solution.First, the US has to convince the world, especially those in the Middle East that we don’t want to dominate the Middle East. Let us first try to convince these peoples that we are going to give up our 50 or so military bases in Iraq and set a timetable to leave. Have the UN involved so people will start to believe us! Second, Israel must convince the Islamic world that they have no desire to dominate them!

The Texan Nero, the rightwing Israelis, the American Neo Cons and the American Jewish Lobby will not like it! But Israel has to give up their nukes.

To resolve this mess, I predict the following could happen:

Iran, and the Arabs as well as Turkey will secretly meet with China and Russia and come up with a plan. The plan will be, to have a real Middle East conference, involving the members of the Security Council, all the governments of the Middle East including Israel. To the dismay of Israel and the US, the world’s people will declare the Middle East a nuclear free zone and the only country that has nukes Israel will have to give it up! Everyone will love this solution. The Iranians will be the heroes of all the world’s 1 billion Moslems because to the Moslems the Iranians are the only Moslems that forced Israel to capitulate! What will Israel get? A final peace settlement and capitulation of their territorial ambitions and their nukes! What will the US get? – A stable supply of oil, our troops out of Iraq, a Middle East peace treaty that every president from Eisenhower, to the Texan Nero desires. I really believe that Israel and us can settle all this if we both give up our desires to dominate other peoples of the world! Maybe the rest of the world would love and respect us again! – I can only wish!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey what the hell...there is a lot of news that has been happnin and the GOP is F**king up...what gives are you guys still around or are you abandoning the site???


Saturday, February 18, 2006 10:54:00 AM  
Blogger Joe Smoe: American Citizen said...

sorry about the lack of posting,but as those of you who are too poor for a TAX CUT already know, you have to really bust your keester to live in a BUSH ECONOMY as I have been doing.

I will be posting soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2006 9:06:00 AM  

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