Thursday, February 23, 2006

BUSH'S NEO CON FANTASY TURNS INTO A NIGHTMARE:Dozens Slain in Iraq Sectarian Violence

Thanks to this half-wit and his GREED/LIE DRIVEN AGENDA we have it… CIVIL WAR in Iraq. Bush and his Neo Con handlers/CABAL have taken us to world of HURT. I think it would be safe to assume with the deteriorating situation in Iraq, the Election of Hamas and other Islamic Whacko Parties in the Mid East that the WHOLE NEO CON philosophy is a miserable and verifiable failure!!!!

The only ones that I can see being happy with this is the BIBLE BANGING RABBLE that gave him the 2004 elections. Yep, one-step closer to ARMEGGEDON.

Now we are gonna really need more Boots on the ground just to insure the entire region is not destabilized. To all you gutless flag-waving chicken hawks, your clueless Fuhrer needs you now more than ever..see your recruiter or have you know it alls got anymore bright ideas to dig the HOLE that country is in due to Bush and the GOP deeper???

I know…I know….911 and more TAX CUTS.

As the Right Wing Agenda would say “ THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT …THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING”!!!



Anonymous Beachboy said...

Yea - hope these Redsate Idiots are happy - read this:

It is clear to me that Bush is Bin Laden's gift from God

Thursday, February 23, 2006 10:43:00 AM  

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