Saturday, January 14, 2006


This latest screw up is brought to you by the same guys that brought you The FEMA response to Katrina and The NOBLE CAUSE that is Bush’s Iraq so is it any surprise that this thing that was shoved through congress over two years ago is so screwed up???

Well, to all you REDSTATE SENIORS that voted for Bush/GOP in the last election, you deserve what you get. As you and the Baby Boomer generation demand to have your cake and eat it too and leave future generations to pickup the tab. It’s good too see that the Me/Yuppie generation still holds true to it credo after all these years as they vote GOP and vote FOR massive DEFICITS i.e. “F*%) EVERYBODY AND THE COUNTRY AS LONG AS I GET MINE!!!”

But hey, Bush and the GOP would really like to help you out with the High Price of the drugs to keep that bad Ticker going, but the Drug Companies have gotta make their cash and those TAX CUTS have gotta go through for Bush’s RICH BASE…sorry. Maybe a non-government FAITH BASED Organization can help ya out in the short term, because the message being sent by the Bush Admin. Is “ YOU BETTER GIVE YOUR SOUL TO JESUS ‘ CAUSE YOUR SLACK JAWED GULLIBLE ASS IS ON IT’S OWN.

If you think this is bad, just be glad Americans were enlightened or just selfish enough not to support Bush’s SOCIAL SECURITY SCHEME.



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