Sunday, January 15, 2006

George W. Bush and his GOP cohorts initiate the demise of the American Empire through DECEPTION and THUGGARY.

From the end of World War II until the beginning of the Bush administration, no matter who was the president, Republican or Democrat, most the world looked for American leadership to solve the world’s problems. This gave us a unique position to influence peoples of the world, in terms of culture, economics, politics, and military. This influence was the key that made us the greatest super power in history. Just as the end of WW II gave us the opportunity kick start our rise as a nation, September 11 gave us the opportunity to re-energize this thrust.

September 11th gave us an opportunity to enhance our influence with the peoples the Middle East, China and Cuba who shunned our leadership. These peoples were laying flowers at our embassies. Remember what a leading French newspaper wrote after 911 2001 “September 11th made us all Americans”

Unfortunately, the good will we experienced because of September 11th, was wasted by those who are in charge, the GOP leadership and our so-called independent media. The Republican Party and its leader George W. Bush instead of uniting the world in our cause alienated everyone, by doing what they know best, acting like the global Thug and deceiving everyone here at home.

Those who knew better, the leadership of the Democratic Party, went a long with it because they were afraid to loose more power. The media which is supposed to be the forth branch of government, providing our people with checks and balances, instead of acting like a watchdog, became Bush’s and The GOP’s lap dogs. Cheering these GOP bullies on, riding the tanks, gloating over the fall of the statue of Sadam. What a wonderful time it was for them, our deceived public kept watching and GE, FOX, Time Warner and Disney was making money!

Now Bush and his GOP cronies seem to realize that leadership by thuggery doesn’t work anymore, you get people pissed off, and people don’t like bullies. Countries like Iran will try to make nuclear weapons because they want to insure that these thugs don’t mug them, like they did their neighbor. Queen thug, Condoleeza Rice is now working with the U.N. to reign in Iran’s nuclear ambitions! But it is too late! The damage that these macho fools caused to our reputation is irreversible! The opportunity to re-energize our global ambitions is gone! No one trusts our intentions anymore, peoples of the world outside say Israel, are suspicious of our motives! The leadership that our media wanted and our citizens choose is one of the most hated administrations if not the most hated administration ever! When it comes to the peoples of the world, neither deception nor thuggary will work!

Deception and bulling may not work abroad, but at home they keep trying and if they win again in 2006 it will work again. Deceptions is being used in the Alito hearings, Bushes speeches, more tax cuts for the wealthy and more economic hardship for everyone else, a prescription drug law that only makes the drug companies rich and the beneficiaries worse off, drilling in Alaska that will give the Oil oligopoly more profits and our environment damaged for ever, destroying our civil liberties by spying on us and limiting our free speech, etc. etc…

The good news is that our loyal opposition, the Democratic Party seems to have woken up, the bad news is that GE, FOX, Time Warner and Disney, the owners of our media still act like lap dogs and not questioning deception and thuggary. I hope our media realizes that they too are getting a beating around the world, because their games is not to only make money in the US, but all over the world. Eleanor Roosevelt said” American people will always make the right choice, if their leaders give them the right information. – Let us hope our MAINSTREAM MEDIA, and the loyal opposition can convince enough Red State fools to reverse the course in 2006.

The Beachboy


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