Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bush urges critics be responsible on Iraq

Bush Urges Unity to Clear Hurdles in Iraq

Is this INARTICULATE YAHOO clown for real????

This guy has the GALL to claim that some War Critics are irresponsible!!!! This from the guy that had it all figured out and decided that we as a nation would go it alone in Iraq unilaterally. This from a know it all that wanted to hear no dissent while TENS OF Thousands of AMERICAN CITIZENS protested his Neo Con Preemptive strike policy before he marched us as a nation into this mess in Iraq.

So now the other half of the country is waking up after a Stupidity induced slumber and realizes that he and all his Neo Con Puppet Masters had it ALL WRONG!!! So as usual to silence any dissent to his FAILED AND MISGUIDED POLICIES he plays the “ YOUR EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US” card. Hey that ROVIAN Scam/Scheme/SCHTICK worked for the first term and into some of this one, but not anymore. Not with the death toll rising and everything our fearless leader claimed was fact has turned out to be FALSE. The Rubes that got conned into voting for this clueless HEE HAW and his NEO CON Policy want results…that in the WORLD OF BUSH remain forever elusively just around the corner, kind of like those millions of HIGH PAYING Jobs he and the GOP promised if we gave tax cuts to the Rich. This need for results from his clueless and easily fooled base is understandable because they and their family members are doing the Lions Share of the fighting, dieing and alas will pay the BIG ASS bill that will come due for this Debacle when Bush is gone

The house of cards that is the GOP majority and the rubber stamp for BUSH'S Incompetent and Failed policies is in real jeopardy. He’s grasping at straws. What is the reason we’re over in Iraq this week???I say hold this lying War Monger accountable and all others BOTH GOP AND DEMOCRAT accountable for this MEGA SCREWUP.

SO, I say to you Joe Six-pack and Suzie RedState Housecoat….HAD ENOUGH YET?



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