Thursday, January 12, 2006


Given that ALITO, this thinly veiled BUSH SHILL is about to put on his Robe, I thought this was pretty pertinent. What a great way for Bush to silence any and all “IRRESPONSIBLE CRITICISM” especially from those PESKY LEFT WING/ Liberal Blogs.

Rest assured that with a Pres. that seeks total imperial powers and with the powerful capabilities of the NSA at his disposal that he will do his best to silence the growing majority that see the Bush lie based Shell Game for what it is.

My friends these Evil and Corrupt Jackbooted Thugs i.e. the GOP must be stopped or within another decade or less, America will be a Democracy only in name. Democracy will be reduced to a sound byte or a slogan and the Constitution will be just another piece of paper with laws on it that carries no real weight in the world of THE GOP/BUSH.

It makes a REAL “FREE-THINKING” AMERICAN feel secure knowing that the Commander in Chief respects the Bill of Rights especially when used as Toilet Paper.



Anonymous Beachboy said...

The Judge Alito confirmation hearing and his responses remind me of “there are weapons of mass destruction”, “they will greet us as liberators”, “tax cuts for the top earners will help the bottom earners”, etc… All words that if believed sounds good. The question is why should anyone believe these GOP SOBs now they have been so wrong on so many issues. It is all verbal diarrhea which we have heard many times in the past five years! No doubt the mentally challenged Red State Fools will wave their flags, sing “God Bless American” and say “your doing a hell of a job Alito” ! And since they are the governing majority, they are determined to make us a third world nation!
Alito fits the mold of yet another GOP BS artist, despite the fact that his past actions are contrary to what he now claims to stands for!
READ Below:

Thursday, January 12, 2006 2:23:00 PM  

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