Saturday, December 31, 2005

A year ago, we didn't know for sure that almost all the politicians and pundits who thundered, during the Lewinsky affair, that even the president isn't above the law have changed their minds. But now we know when it comes to presidents who break the law, it's O.K. if you're a Republican.

Yes our Commander in Liar soon to be KING GEORGE I is taking control as he circumvents the constitution and exercises his new IMPERIAL POWERS. Funny how Bush wants answers now that the cat is outta the bag about his secret spying, but drags his Heels and stonewalls all attempts at getting at the truth when it comes to his administration's wrong doings or it's shear INCOMPETENCE.

Here are some predictions for 2006 from THE EMIR OF SMOE POLITICAL SEER :

Watch for Iraq to continue to spiral towards Civil War and the violence to mount as Bush and the Corrupt Liars in the GOP spin it as one victory after another. Also, as the calls for the redeployment becomes louder the Republican party will begin to split as the gutless wonders that make up the GOP throW Bush under the bus as they worry about their own political skins in next Novembers elections.
Watch for those Poll numbers for Bush to continue to go south as Rove is finally indicted, the body count mounts in Iraq and the true magnitude of how Bush broke the law, Lied, and spied on innocent American Citizens is revealed in Congressional hearing in the coming year.

Watch for the large numbers of the GOP to lose their seats in the 06 elections as the true scope of corruption in the GOP is revealed in the Abramoff scandal.

And last but of course not least, The Gutless Chicken hawks that called for the war in Iraq will still be unable to find the intestinal fortitude or the BALLS to sign up for the Noble Cause i.e. read coddled frat boys at REDSTATE.ORG. And the right wing spin machine i.e. read FOX NEWS, Limbaugh, Hannity etc. continues to grasp at straws as to why the Bush presidency is so great and not a MISERABLE FAILURE , even as the Red State Slackjaws see the light and what the rest of us have known all along, that this administration is corrupt and rotten to the core.

Yep, write this one in stone OH TRUE BELIEVERS and Haters of all things BUSH/GOP, if you thought 2005 was a bad year for Bush just wait for 2006…you ain’t seen nothing yet!!



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