Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dear GW (Texan Nero), there must be another reason, why you and your Neocon friends took us to war in Iraq - Surely you don't think these are the reasons?

Reason #1 - Cheap Oil
Let us see, you got the Red State fools and other Republicans convinced that it is for cheap oil. - NOT! -While we suffer higher gas prices now, your Oil goons are making record profits!

Reason #2 - Safety of Israel
Or we went in to make Israel safer? - NOT - Iran's current DEMOCRATIC ELECTED LEADER is vowing to destroy Israel.

Reason #3 - Better conditions for the Iraqis
Or we will sacrifice our young so those grateful Iraqis will greet us as liberators and will have a better life under us than under Saddam - NOT - Baghdad as well as all of Iraq is far more dangerous place now as a result of our invasion and occupation.

Reason #4 -Win the war on Terrorism
Or we are going to Iraq to fight and WIN the war on terrorism-NOT - US experts say we are actually loosing the war on terror! And we were much better off in this fight before we went in Iraq than now.

Or maybe The Christian Coalition prophecy that Armageddon will occur in their lifetime and Jesus will save them! - PERHAPS! - If Iran and Israel lob a few nukes at each other.

Or maybe you want your Oil Goons to make record profits PERHAPS! - If Asia, Europe and other regions buy only from your Oil buddies. Gouging the American public can only take your buddies so far

Let us hope that the Lewis (Scooter) Libby fiasco will demonstrate to those fools who put these idiots BACK in office, the deceit and ineptitude of this administration,


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