Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The Turkey (the one in the suit) pardons the Turkey or BUSH BRUSHS UP ON HIS PARDONING POWERS

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The REAL reasons why we went to war and mainstream Democrats as collaborators in the making of the IRAQ quagmire!

We all know that the man of God can't stop lying! – The Texan Nero keeps justifying his invasion of Iraq by saying that Congress, namely the Democrats had the same intelligence on Sadam as he did!

As SMOE points out:
Cheney says war critics 'dishonest, reprehensible' This administration refuses to take responsibility for any mistakes they have made. They either claim their decision to go to war was right, or when the American public decides that their decision was wrong, they try to shift the argument by claiming that their opponents would have done the same thing. History will judge this Administration as greedy, incompetent, dishonest, arrogant and ignorant. In fact the forces that put them in office all have at least two of the above five characteristics

It should be obvious to anyone that understands how our government works that; the secret information that a president gets is nowhere near the same information that congress gets. Congress doesn't have a national security adviser nor get daily briefing from the CIA and FBI. Congress’s information comes from the administration itself. We know that BUSH is a liar but one should ask why couldn't John Kerry and the rest of the Democrats bring this issue during the 2004 campaign? It would have been pretty easy for John Kerry to say “Mr. President, since you are The president and have more access to intelligences than I do, I believed you when you said Iraq was an emanate threat” I as well as the rest of the country was lied to and this is why I voted to send our troops there? Now that I know your information was wrong, I wouldn't have voted to send our troops to Iraq” Now Kerry is not a stupid guy, and he could have easily used this to his advantage. Why didn't Kerry, Hillary, Edward's or other Democrats who voted for this war, did not bring up the Iraq intelligence gap between the administration and themselves earlier during the election? Why didn't the US media question the logic of this war?

I think it has a lot do with the very potent Israeli lobby as well as friends of Israel who are very powerful within the media, the Democratic party and in fact the whole country. To go against this powerful force is to be guaranteed defeat. Just look at what happened to the only man who was running for president that had the courage and guts to articulate “The greatest foreign policy mistake in the history of this country” as some Democrats are saying now. Remember what the mainstream media (every commentator in CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, print media, etc…). Did to Howard Dean during the 2004 Campaign! Never mind his message, mainstream Democrats and the media labeled Dean as “unelectable”, a nut case, a crazy screaming man not fit to be President! . The powerful Israeli lobby owns the mainstream media and bribes the mainstream Democrats with what every politician love most, elect ability and money. If anyone goes against the most powerful foreign lobby in the history of any country and their territorial ambitions in the Middle East, the name Hitler will come up, you will be labeled as “anti-Semitic! “ or be linked to the Jihadists that are bent on the total destruction of our civilization! The media and money prostitute politicians will shut you out of any meaningful debate on this matter!

Just ask yourself, if most media companies, reporters, or so called American Middle Eastern Experts were Moslem, would we send our young to die, just to keep the territorial ambitions of Israel alive? Not to mention the economic ambitions of big Oil? Of course not! In fact it is the not the responsibility of these lobbyists or their friends to advocate against their position! These lobbyists are not stupid! They are just doing too good of a job in getting what they want! It is the fools who believe that the territorial ambitions of Israel are good for America! Advocating conflict and occupying people has always been the sure way to increase terrorism. But as Israeli territorial ambitions prove, terrorism is a sure way to continue occupation and increase your territorial gains. You use brutal methods to cause one to be a terrorist, and then justify occupation and territorial gains by saying we have to defeat terrorists! It isn't this what Bush and his gang of Neocons are saying? Let us fight them there so we don't fight them here!

No, my friends, our leaders on both sides of the political aisle, believe that what is good for the territorial ambitions of Israel is good for America, or what is good for GM or big Oil is good for America, pity the dissenters like Howard Dean who counter this argument! These powerful forces will make sure that their message will never resonate in any debate. This war is and always will be about the territorial ambitions of Israel, and the economical ambitions of big oil or big auto. BushCO should not alone bare responsibility of this fiasco; lack of courage with the leadership of the Democratic Party should also be blamed for this mess!

The Beachboy

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cheney says war critics 'dishonest, reprehensible'

This despicable administration that took us to war under false pretenses and out right lies is at it again. Noted hatchet man and resident pompous ass of the White House Dick Cheney is once again playing the YOUR EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US or how dare you question this administration on Iraq even though everything that we have told you has been WRONG or FALSE to this point GAME. Even with this Bloated lying jackass’s former Chief of Staff Scooter Libby under indictment we’re all supposed to take every bit of falsified garbage and suck it down like it was the gospel truth…kinda like the country did when this CABAL of liars and crooks took us to war.

The administration claims that congress saw all the Intel they saw. This much is a fact: Congress is a CONSUMER of Intel while the White House is the Supplier of it. Truly, at the highest level of Government, the Executive Branch, the President and his staff see it all and pass on what they deem pertinent to Congress. It is that hard to imagine or believe that this administration that has been built on a foundation of one lie after another did CHERRY PICK and twist the facts to support the Iraq war? Is it hard to imagine after all that has been revealed after the Downing Street memo that these men of devious motives and greed driven aims would play Loosy Goosy with the facts to get what they have wanted since they stole the White House in 2000 i.e. war with Iraq?

Unfortunately for Cheney and especially Bush the Pandora’s box has been opened. Bush’s poll numbers are in the toilet, the body count in Iraq continues to rise unabated, the Silent Majority is asking questions and doubting the BS answers they are and have been fed by this administration, the Democrats smell blood and his own party is starting to worrying more about their own sorry asses in the coming ‘06 elections and thus are turning against him and his war of choice.

This whole change the subject/it was them not us ploy is Karl Rove at his finest, but this time around this TEAR DOWN AND SMEAR Rovian stratagem no longer has legs. The questions will keep coming and the same old tired refrains will echo from the Oval Office. Watch for those poll numbers to continue to head south as Bush loses his party and the real dirt on this corrupt regime and it’s Lie Based Debacle continues to come out.


Saturday, November 12, 2005


Strategists: Bush Comeback Will Be Tough

The Chimp is taking it on the chin these days. Now Murdoch and the White House propaganda arm i.e. THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL tells us that even his inbred and uninformed base is losing faith and patience with God’s chosen one. Nothing but a torrent of bad news keeps washing over Bush and the Corrupt GOP bastards in congress that once were his lap dogs. After the losing elections in VA. and New Jersey as well as GOP initiatives in CA. the more centrist members of the GOP are sensing that this inarticulate hick is more of a liability than an asset to them and their party. They don’t seem to want to play ball with our Clown from Crawford anymore just look how Rick “I’M HOLIER THAN THOU” Santorum snubbed Bush by not showing at a rally in Santorum’s own state on Veteran’s Day.

Don’t expect a turnaround for Bush and his CABAL of Keystone Cops. There is only one way to go with the Polls for Der Shrubben Fuhrer and that is down. The time to make the necessary changes to save this administration’s credibility has passed and
now even the Red State base is questioning the administrations overall veracity. It’s even getting to the point of being laughable as Bush unleashed a ROVIAN fire-breathing rant against his Iraq critics in PA. yesterday and even mentioned his opponent Kerry. My how things change. With only a year in from his election victory he’s trying to relive the past and recapture some of the spark from his marginal victory last November. You can almost taste the GOP longing for those Halcyon days after 911 when only Bush and the GOP could protect those scared and cowering soccer moms from the likes of bin Laden and the evil and godless Democrats.


Friday, November 04, 2005



We haven’t seen poll numbers this bad for a sitting Prez since the Shrubs Daddy was in the Oval Office Hot Seat. As The Emir of SMOE peers into his Crystal Ball I will make some predictions. Don’t expect any change in direction for the Chimps poll numbers or change in staff.

When Reagan was in office and suffered similar problems in his second term he brought new blood in and tried to regain traction. The Chimps feels a sense of loyalty to those that help him get to the show and this is commendable, but unfortunately these same people that at one time were an asset are now a liability that is weighing down the administration like a lead weight ie read Karl Rove. And thus this blind sense of loyalty will be his downfall

Also, with his poll numbers at an all time low expect the GOP FUHRER to stay the course and never admit he was wrong on anything i.e. the Bush Same Ole, Same Ole : “The economy is doing great and in Iraq were making progress, but the Press never talks about it….blah.. blah.”

This is a one trick pony with no other course to follow and no more tricks to show. Or as the clueless Red State S**T Kickers in Texas would say this Clown is all Hat and No Cattle. The down hill slide continues unabated.

Funny how there is a deafening silence from out REDSTATE.ORG pals. Then again when you see the Emperors New Clothes for what they are what can you say.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dear GW (Texan Nero), there must be another reason, why you and your Neocon friends took us to war in Iraq - Surely you don't think these are the reasons?

Reason #1 - Cheap Oil
Let us see, you got the Red State fools and other Republicans convinced that it is for cheap oil. - NOT! -While we suffer higher gas prices now, your Oil goons are making record profits!

Reason #2 - Safety of Israel
Or we went in to make Israel safer? - NOT - Iran's current DEMOCRATIC ELECTED LEADER is vowing to destroy Israel.

Reason #3 - Better conditions for the Iraqis
Or we will sacrifice our young so those grateful Iraqis will greet us as liberators and will have a better life under us than under Saddam - NOT - Baghdad as well as all of Iraq is far more dangerous place now as a result of our invasion and occupation.

Reason #4 -Win the war on Terrorism
Or we are going to Iraq to fight and WIN the war on terrorism-NOT - US experts say we are actually loosing the war on terror! And we were much better off in this fight before we went in Iraq than now.

Or maybe The Christian Coalition prophecy that Armageddon will occur in their lifetime and Jesus will save them! - PERHAPS! - If Iran and Israel lob a few nukes at each other.

Or maybe you want your Oil Goons to make record profits PERHAPS! - If Asia, Europe and other regions buy only from your Oil buddies. Gouging the American public can only take your buddies so far

Let us hope that the Lewis (Scooter) Libby fiasco will demonstrate to those fools who put these idiots BACK in office, the deceit and ineptitude of this administration,