Wednesday, October 26, 2005


On the anniversary of the death of the 2000th soldier in Iraq, the Texan Nero (aka GW) now says we are fighting for democracy in Iraq. OK, I believe him now; I guess it was all about democracy all the time! I wonder whose democracy though, considering that four out of five Iraqis oppose the presence of US and British troops in their country?

The question should be asked, is Nero lying again? Or is this just another in a myriad of excuses for the Iraq war? Could it be the real reason for our presence in Iraq and the countless military bases built there is to secure the oil supply and help Israel control the Middle East? – Someone has figured it out, unfortunately it is “NOT” the American public especially the Red State fools. The ones who figured it out are the ones that are being OCCUPIED, the Iraqi public. Yes, Red State Fools, Nero and the GOP are proud of and counting on your stupidity! – Keep being stupid and keep voting Republican.

Bush wants to bring Democracy to Syria, Iran, etc. Truly, Democracy is a wonderful thing. But I say how about bringing it back home here to the good old USA!



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