Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hey REDSTATE FOOLS, do you see the truth when it’s staring you square in the face???

The invasion of Iraq was never about WMD, Democracy or Bush’s family Vendetta, but a careful plan by three powerful forces that are also responsible for Bush's two-term victory and currently control our government. These are the Oil companies (their proxies including Bush, Cheney, Rice, etc), The Automotive companies (Andrew Card, Ex GM lobbyist, etc), Israel (through their proxies, like the NeoCons, the US Mainstream Media, etc.) and the Religious Rightwing (Bush, Pat Robertson, Jerry Farwell, etc).

The Oil and Automotive companies knew that we needed cheap oil to support the big cars and SUVS that Americans crave. They created the demand for gas guzzling cars (remember the tax breaks for SUVs, the administration’s fight to keep mileage standards as low as possible, or the administration’s fight to keep global warming issues out of international discussions). Don’t forget the increased demand for oil in China, India and the rest of Asia meant the West now has to compete with the East for a finite supply of oil! Why else do you think the British (BP and Shell Oil) and the Dutch (Shell) were for the war despite the objection of their own people?

The Israeli lobby is the most powerful foreign lobby in the history of any country! Of course Israel wants to dominate the Middle East and couldn’t afford to have some crazy dictator with all kinds of money as a threat right next door. They also have no intention of giving up the West Bank or the full control of other territories captured after the 1967 war! Why else, do you think their American proxies like the New York Times, and other print media, as well as, broadcast media NEVER questioned the justification of this war? Why else do you think the Democrats with their large numbers of Jewish and Israel supporters never questioned the intent and supported this war? If you don’t believe me go back and read what Chuck Schumer or Diane Feinstein said about going to war.

The Rightwing Religious fundamentalists, who truly believe in Armageddon and The Rapture i.e. Jesus showing up again, want to make sure that these Biblical Prophecies will happen in their lifetime. This is why they are arguing about the clash of civilizations and wanted this war to go on to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. Their rational being that if the Middle East is destroyed; the Second Coming will be triggered and Jesus will return to the Holy Land and save The True Believers!

If you want to know what the current and future policy in Iraq will be, just follow these three entities. Why else do you think there is no commitment to bring our troops home? We have bases there, we want to control their oil and we want a friendly government close to Israel! Unfortunately for these three groups, they bit off much more than they could chew! The one visible trait that these three entities have in common is the same trait that has RUINED the Bush Administration, that being arrogance!



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