Saturday, October 15, 2005


Scandals Take Toll On Bush's 2nd Term

Bush Teleconference With Soldiers Staged

Democrats See Dream of '06 Victory Taking Form

Bush dogged by charges of cronyism

Poll: Domestic Issues Troubling Americans

It’s very seldom that you will see anything quoted from FOX NEWS shown here, but there is a common thread to all the headlines posted above. That common thread being that it is all bad news for our fearless leader and his cadre of cronies and sycophants. Also, given that Fox News is where all the GOP CHICKENHAWK TROLLS (i.e. read redstate.org) and the intellectually challenged Red Staters go to be spoon-fed their daily dose of WHITE HOUSE/GOP LIES, HALF TRUTHS, and FABRICATIONS this is a bad sign for THE CHIMP and The GOP. With this Fox News Poll it is apparent that the same old lines delivered by the Bush Administration are no longer being lapped up by the Red Staters, without question, as an acceptable excuse for the deteriorating situation either Domestically or Internationally.

Remember, you heard it here first with the posting of the Blogosphere Manifesto way back in July that the days of Bush and GOP majority were numbered and now we are seeing that the turning of the tide. Can there be any doubt now that Bush is already a lame duck? His support from his Bible Banging Base is evaporating after the Meirs nomination and those in the GOP that are running for reelection in ’06 are now distancing themselves from him for fear of being associated with him and his ineffectual administration.

Those of us that hate this lying and incompetent SOB and the Evil and Corrupt GOP can take solace in knowing that not much will change for the better for the GOP between now and the ’06 elections given that they have no answers or solutions to the problems and bad situation that they as a party have brought to the country except the same old no results slogans and empty actions. One thing is for sure, that cannot be refuted by even the most brain washed GOP/RED STATE Slack jaw and that is that BUSH and the GOP with their controlling majority have brought America to a worse place Domestically, Internationally and Financially than they found it after the Clinton era. And I believe for this they will pay the price in ’06 and ’08. Also, when Rove is indicted you can write the epitaph for this lame ass administration 3 1/2 years early.

Truly, it is like the old RED STATE RUBE cliché says “IN THE END, IT ALL COMES OUT IN THE WASH”



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