Saturday, September 24, 2005



Poll: Fewer than half think U.S. will win in Iraq

Whether it be Domestic or Foreign the news about and support for Der Srubben Fuhrer’s Iraqi Noble Cause seems to get worse by the day. But, when you live in the BUSH created world of self-delusion and denial you can just play it off as just part of being a decisive leader. Fear not OH Rovian GOP Faithful the Red State Slack Jaws will believe any slop the BUSH NEO CON LIE MACHINE and FOX NEWS CHANNEL shovels them.

No matter how bad things get for Bush and his Iraq policy the CHICKENHAWKS and Bush Faithful will keep cheering this Cluster and jeering the naysayers that are gaining in numbers. These fearless CHICKENHAWKS however, can’t seem to find the BALLS or the BACK BONE to bring themselves to volunteer for the NOBLE CAUSE, but hey, when you think about it ,you can rationalize any amount of gutlessness you want to stay over here and let others do the fighting and dieing. Look at it this way. You CHICKEN HAWKS aren’t doing anything that Bush, Cheney and the rest of the Neo Cons DIDN’T DO back in the Vietnam era.


Anonymous Beachboy said...

Hey Suzie,
What happened? Cat bit your tong!?!! –No rebuttal! – Or is our spelling and grammar so bad that you can’t bare to read! Still think WW2 is the same as invading Iraq? – Still think that God gave Israel the rights to occupy all the lands of the Middle East? Hope you are enjoying our federal deficit skyrocket! – Hope you enjoy paying for it within a few years! – Enjoy the skyrocket gas prices – oh of course it is NOT the fault of your hero, Nero the zero! Of course it is not his fault or you idiot Red State fools who cheer for him! It is time to take responsibility about all this mess! – Remember this is your government in your own image! – You got all three branches of government, and you are screwing up big time! Invading Iraq to make the present and future lands of Israel secure for all time didn’t work out! Taking Sadam’s WMD out so they are not pointing at your beloved Israel backfired! – Iran will be pointing a whole bunch at them and there is noting you can do it about it!
Or was it so that your hero’s cronies would have easy access to OUR Middle East oil? – That didn’t’ work either did it? –How much does it cost to fill up your SUVs (which your idiotic Republican government encouraged you to buy by giving you a tax break on its purchase). Things are working out quite fine for you fools! – Can’t blame the liberals now can you? We are shut out of our government and have basically no power!

Democracy is about responsibility; we all make mistakes in electing fools! But the just and good in us admit our mistakes and do something about it! Instead of continuing to argue for things that failed miserably! – It is time to take your head out of your bible belting, flag waving rear ends and smell the air! Of course you wont! Just like a rabbit that is about to be a meal for a fox! – You will turn around stick your head in a hole and pretend everything is fine! – Don’t worry the Fox will get you soon! You will be our (yes Liberals) meal soon!


Sunday, September 25, 2005 3:56:00 AM  

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