Thursday, September 01, 2005


First, while on vacation in 2001,it was the warning that Bin Laden was determined to strike a month before 911 that he ignored and now this SLACKASS JACKASS blows it again waiting for days to deal with the tragedy that is unfolding in Louisiana and Mississippi. God forbid!!!! you wouldn’t want a disaster of Biblical Proportions to cut into your 5-week slack fest in Crawford.

Bush was warned that this could happen back in 2001,but decided to cut funding by 44% to siphon the money off to fund the Iraq war a war based on lies and half truths. It’s good to know that Bush got his Worthless energy bill through Congress that continues to leave us tied to the Saudis, a limited supply of fossil fuel and dealing with energy prices spiraling out of control.

This time the Red State Rim Jobs are gonna feel the pain as the price of gas goes through the roof and the repercussions of the price of fuel ripples through the economy. Could this be the pin that pops the he Housing Bubble and puts the brakes on Bush’s so called recovery that many in the nation are still waiting for? And what of the continuing death toll in Bush’s Noble Cause i.e. Iraq continues to spiral out of control towards civil war and eventual alignment with Iran. No amount of invoking 911 is gonna bail Bush outta this one.

I am going to love every minute of it as this lying clueless clown and the rest of the EVIL GOP BASTARDS are held accountable by even the most empty headed FOX NEWS watching Red State Moron for their slow response and preparedness.


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