Saturday, September 03, 2005


As stated in the pages of above linked piece KATRINA IS THE ANTI 911. This is true in the effect that it will have on Bush and his administration. That being, as 911 and Bush’s reaction to it’s subsequent events made Bush, so shall the events and his lack of action toward Katrina and the destruction and misery it spawned will prove to be his political undoing.

As the true impact of Katrina began to become apparent to the people of the Gulf Coast and the American People as a whole, the nation looked to the top for a DECISIVE MAN OF ACTION during a time of National tragedy, but what was found was a leader on vacation and asleep at the helm of a nation as it called for strong and overwhelming leadership. Bush was once again found “AT HIS RANCH” oblivious to events as if he was reading MY PET GOAT PART 2 and waiting for Andrew Card to kick him in the ass to comeback to reality and react.

Bush’s poll numbers up to this point had been plummeting. Mostly due to an aimless and endless quagmire in Iraq with no exit strategy or meaningful justification, as well as, spiraling energy costs that an American public increasingly perceives as his unwillingness or inability to take steps against the very industry that helped to make him and his family wealthy.

The emperor’s new clothes have been exposed for all to see. It has become apparent that Bush has failed miserably in a time of national need when he could have easily reprised his take-charge role from 911. The take charge/ folksy man of the people has instead been shown for what he truly is, an ineffectual leader at best, marginally engaged and uninformed about current events with little knowledge of the lives of the average American and those outside of the Aristocratic circles in which he travels. A pompous Rich snot nosed Ivy League Frat boy with a true contempt and uncaring for the lower classes i.e. his constituents and their well being. After this his potency as the leader of his party and as President will be diminished.

It has been said that in the realm of history some men are born to greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them as 911 did for Bush during his first term. But in this case one will be able to look back and realize that Katrina was the event that totally ruined the Bush persona and presidency that previously been founded and built upon the events of 911.

In the end, years from now, when the history is written Bush will have wished he had served only one term like his father. A change in the weather is coming.


Anonymous Beachboy said...

Bush will be remembered as the second most important President in our history, next to Thomas Jefferson! - What Jefferson created, Bush will destroy! - The empire will be no more! New Orleans should put us Americans to shame as we are the "third world" -Let us raise our flags and be proud to be stupit!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005 3:40:00 PM  

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