Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The main causes of misery for this nation is the sole responsibility of the Red State fools whose majority are Republicans. After all they voted for their President "The Texan Nero" twice! Taking responsibility for one's incompetence weather it is the fiasco in Iraq, the hatred that the rest of the world has for us, or the government's handling of the hurricane like a third world country, is a tough thing! Waving your flag and banging your bible is much easier! Who cares if your Texan Nero is making our great nation look like a third world country to those that used to be our friends around the world? He is doing great! After all he is your boy! – It’s the Democrats, the foreigners, or any assorted acts of God that caused America's ills, not your Nero he is doing a helluva job doing GOD's Work! He walks though, he talks tough, and therefore he is tough! Yep! He is your boy. A little lie or shear incompetence is part of your Red State culture! You fools, have the most poverty, the most pollution, the most over weight people, the most gas guzzling cars and you are proud to be an American! Go ahead be proud to be stupid! When will you look in the mirror! Then again why should you, God is on your side…right?



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