Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bush Takes Responsibility for Blunders

The Greeks always said that Hubris comes before a fall and this dinner of FILET OF CROW and HUMBLE PIE has been coming for sometime now for this COCKY COWBOY. Bush and Co. can no longer avoid reality and its prickly consequences otherwise this would not be happening. Right about now Bush is wishing for another five week Slack Fest at the Ranch, the same kind that led to this FAILURE.

No amount of Spin is gonna change the fact that he and the incompetent Cronies that he put into office blew it with Katrina.

This is getting good!!! This is the kind of stuff that I've had dreams of about over the last 4 years. You know the kinda dream. The kind that puts ya in a good mood for the rest of the day. Those of us that pray for Bush’s TOTAL POLITICAL DEMISE will hope that this dream like state continues and the next episode in the dream will be the indictment of Karl Rove for his involvement in the Plamegate Affair. Truly, if that comes to pass then I may actually come to believe in the GOD that Bush’s Bible Banging Supporters say exists. But, then again that and all that is confronting our fearless leader now is the doings of SATAN and GODLESS LIBERAL MEDIA..right?



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