Friday, September 16, 2005


Bush Rules out tax hike to fund recovery

Yep, when I was a kid, before I became burdened by the things of the world that make us unexciting and bitter like bills, mortgages and all other forms of financial obligations, I would weave grand plans for our family and myself that would cost huge sums of cash in order to bring them to reality. When I would go to my Dad and tell him of all the great stuff that the family and I were going to do he would reply “ THAT’S GREAT SON, WE’LL DO ALL THAT AND MORE WHEN I GET THAT MONEY TREE TO GROW OUT BACK”

Well it would appear that Bush has found that tree that my father and countless other parents never could. The Chimp in Chief has assured those of us that have lived our entire lives in the Free Market Economy/REAL WORLD, unlike him, that we can have our cake and eat it too. THAT”S GREAT!!!!! I guess all those one on one talks with GOD have finally paid off, but lets take a look at the current State of Economic affairs.

The Federal Deficit is at $352 Billion.

Bush’s ill-conceived WAR based on Lies and Half-Truths with no exit strategy in sight i.e. Iraq is costing us $4 billion + per month.

The rebuilding of New Orleans is projected to swell the national debt by $200 billion or more.

And for the icing on this Illusionary Cake Chimpus Maximus wants to confront poverty. This from a president under whom poverty has continued to rise unabated for the last four years

We are assured that we can do all this with no money, crushing deficits and no need to raise TAXES. Hey, it’s okay he’s got a Harvard MBA. That’s the real world equivalent of him telling his Ne’er DO Well daughters that no matter how much they owe their Local Dealer or how high the bar TAB goes don’t worry about it. The Lord will provide…i.e. have no fear the little guy will foot the bill.

With Bush fancying himself as the CEO of the largest Business, as well as, Superpower in the world (for you Red State Morons that voted for our GODLY STEWARD that would be the good ole USA) he is about to use his superior business acumen to do to the USA what he has done to ever other business that he ever touched …RUN IT INTO THE GROUND.


Anonymous beachboy said...

When you jump up and down and cheer Nero the monkey! - you are also a monkey! - The Red State fools are responsible for this monkey "hence are a monkey"! I will never forget that Kerry commercial with the Ostrage with his head in the sand!- Kerry should have had some guts called them for what they REALY are "monkeys" no ostrages! No doubt fools!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005 9:05:00 PM  

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