Friday, September 30, 2005

Army Faces Worst Recruiting Slump in Years

Yep, BUSH’S NOBLE CAUSE” needs new CANNON FODDER. Truly, it’s a pity that no one in the Bush extended family, the Flag wavers that originally supported this Cluster and the GUTLESS Chicken Hawks at REDSTATE.ORG can’t find the intestinal fortitude to sign up for their Fuhrer’s war. I guess even in the realm of the Mentally Challenged RED STATE SLACKJAW there is a realization that people get maim and killed in war.

I say bring back the DRAFT and the first ones to go are the uninformed jackasses and their children that supported this BS WAR.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


DeLay indicted in campaign finance probe


Those of us that have lived and seen are asking what took so long? It never fails that the party that spouts the MORAL VALUES/PRAISE JESUS swill are always the ones with the most Crooks and Snakes.

Could the indictment of Rove and Libby be far off???

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brown Blames 'Dysfunctional' Louisiana

The question should be why is inept Horse Boy “Brownie” still around? I thought he was relieved of command by his boss and then quit? So he was hired on as a consultant for the remainder of his two-weeks to trash everyone in order to save the Chimp’s Clueless Keester. How much you wanna bet the next stop will be the FOX NEWS CHANNEL to dumb down this Blame Game for the Slack Jaws? This has got Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over it.

Just to show you exactly how out of touch with the average stiff and the slack jawed Red State Rube these clowns are all you need do is look at there Poll numbers. Katrina and Bush’s screw up are old news for the majority of people that live life in everyday America. The key things on the minds of JOE SIXPACK and SUZIE HOUSECOAT (no not the Chicken hawk female impersonator from REDSTATE.ORG) is Iraq, the Economy and High Gas Prices..Etc. all about which there is a roaring silence coming from The White House. I hope there not expecting a bounce from this end game of the Blame Game.

Saturday, September 24, 2005



Poll: Fewer than half think U.S. will win in Iraq

Whether it be Domestic or Foreign the news about and support for Der Srubben Fuhrer’s Iraqi Noble Cause seems to get worse by the day. But, when you live in the BUSH created world of self-delusion and denial you can just play it off as just part of being a decisive leader. Fear not OH Rovian GOP Faithful the Red State Slack Jaws will believe any slop the BUSH NEO CON LIE MACHINE and FOX NEWS CHANNEL shovels them.

No matter how bad things get for Bush and his Iraq policy the CHICKENHAWKS and Bush Faithful will keep cheering this Cluster and jeering the naysayers that are gaining in numbers. These fearless CHICKENHAWKS however, can’t seem to find the BALLS or the BACK BONE to bring themselves to volunteer for the NOBLE CAUSE, but hey, when you think about it ,you can rationalize any amount of gutlessness you want to stay over here and let others do the fighting and dieing. Look at it this way. You CHICKEN HAWKS aren’t doing anything that Bush, Cheney and the rest of the Neo Cons DIDN’T DO back in the Vietnam era.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

GALLUP POLL: Bush's personal approval on Iraq at 32 percent.
66 percent favor the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Gee...like this wasn't predictable???? Even those of us here at a D Grade Blog ( as our Slackjawed Chickenhawk friends at REDSTATE.ORG refer to us) could see this coming.

Bush is in political quicksand now and there is no way out. His “NOBLE CAUSE” will be his downfall. Even his base is jumping ship.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

U.S. Military Deaths Top 1,900 in Iraq

The cost of the NOBLE CAUSE continues to rise and still the BUSH TWINS and the CHICKENHAWKS at REDSTATE.ORG have yet to show at the local Recruiter's office. To busy checking spelling and grammer at opposing Blogs I geuss.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


POLL: Bush Ratings Fall After KATRINA Speech

” You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time."

Abraham Lincoln

A great President and Republican (I know in contemporary terms that’s a true OXYMORON)

Well it would appear that the Monkey Show and Third Rate Political Shell Game that Bush and Co. have been running on the American people has been exposed for what it is. Even our intellectually challenged and uninformed Slack Jawed Red State Cousins aren’t fooled anymore .THE ROVIAN Sound Bytes and staged Photo Ops manufactured to cover up the cluelessness and inept response of our Commander in BOZO just ain’t working the magic they once did on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL watching Dullards.

These are hard times for the GOP SPINMEISTERS and the REPUBLICAN ATTACK MACHINE. The realization that the next four years are gonna be long ones must be sinking in right about now. They just can’t seem to find the right talking point that will take the heat off their GOLDEN BOY. Maybe they should be happy that the focus is not all on IRAQ and the Lackluster Economy.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Money Earmarked for Evacuation Redirected

Once again another FINGER OF BLAME is pointed at the Feds. I wonder how the Rovians will spin this to point back at the State and Local officials?

As the old Red State Rube Cliché goes “ The Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree”. Those silly Bushs, they and their kids just can’t seem to keep their noses out of the BAG or the BARS. It must be all those Christian Moral Values that are being taught at home to these American Aristocrats to be. Maybe they need a good dose of Military Service in THE NOBLE CAUSE straighten them out? This must be young John's version of Dubya’s "YOUTHFUL INDESCRETIONS." I think we may have a President in the making.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Bush Rules out tax hike to fund recovery

Yep, when I was a kid, before I became burdened by the things of the world that make us unexciting and bitter like bills, mortgages and all other forms of financial obligations, I would weave grand plans for our family and myself that would cost huge sums of cash in order to bring them to reality. When I would go to my Dad and tell him of all the great stuff that the family and I were going to do he would reply “ THAT’S GREAT SON, WE’LL DO ALL THAT AND MORE WHEN I GET THAT MONEY TREE TO GROW OUT BACK”

Well it would appear that Bush has found that tree that my father and countless other parents never could. The Chimp in Chief has assured those of us that have lived our entire lives in the Free Market Economy/REAL WORLD, unlike him, that we can have our cake and eat it too. THAT”S GREAT!!!!! I guess all those one on one talks with GOD have finally paid off, but lets take a look at the current State of Economic affairs.

The Federal Deficit is at $352 Billion.

Bush’s ill-conceived WAR based on Lies and Half-Truths with no exit strategy in sight i.e. Iraq is costing us $4 billion + per month.

The rebuilding of New Orleans is projected to swell the national debt by $200 billion or more.

And for the icing on this Illusionary Cake Chimpus Maximus wants to confront poverty. This from a president under whom poverty has continued to rise unabated for the last four years

We are assured that we can do all this with no money, crushing deficits and no need to raise TAXES. Hey, it’s okay he’s got a Harvard MBA. That’s the real world equivalent of him telling his Ne’er DO Well daughters that no matter how much they owe their Local Dealer or how high the bar TAB goes don’t worry about it. The Lord will provide…i.e. have no fear the little guy will foot the bill.

With Bush fancying himself as the CEO of the largest Business, as well as, Superpower in the world (for you Red State Morons that voted for our GODLY STEWARD that would be the good ole USA) he is about to use his superior business acumen to do to the USA what he has done to ever other business that he ever touched …RUN IT INTO THE GROUND.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Republican Senate Kills Bid for Katrina Commission

After much finger pointing and the use of covert REPUBLICAN SHILLS in the media the Evil GOP Spin Bastards have failed to stick the entire blame for the Katrina Debacle on others. Even the Slack Jawed Toothless Red State Rubes aren’t buying the FOX NEWS CHANNEL/WHITEHOUSE LINE anymore.

So now even as the majority of Americans are calling for an Independent Investigation into the failures of the response to Katrina the GOP Whores in the Senate are trying to shut it down. They will fight anything that will lay any of the blame at the feet of their Half Witted DER SHRUBBEN Fuhrer.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bush Takes Responsibility for Blunders

The Greeks always said that Hubris comes before a fall and this dinner of FILET OF CROW and HUMBLE PIE has been coming for sometime now for this COCKY COWBOY. Bush and Co. can no longer avoid reality and its prickly consequences otherwise this would not be happening. Right about now Bush is wishing for another five week Slack Fest at the Ranch, the same kind that led to this FAILURE.

No amount of Spin is gonna change the fact that he and the incompetent Cronies that he put into office blew it with Katrina.

This is getting good!!! This is the kind of stuff that I've had dreams of about over the last 4 years. You know the kinda dream. The kind that puts ya in a good mood for the rest of the day. Those of us that pray for Bush’s TOTAL POLITICAL DEMISE will hope that this dream like state continues and the next episode in the dream will be the indictment of Karl Rove for his involvement in the Plamegate Affair. Truly, if that comes to pass then I may actually come to believe in the GOD that Bush’s Bible Banging Supporters say exists. But, then again that and all that is confronting our fearless leader now is the doings of SATAN and GODLESS LIBERAL MEDIA..right?


Monday, September 12, 2005

FEMA Director Mike Brown Resigns

Truly, will wonders never cease in the world of Politics? Finally, the first sign of accountability from an Administration that has habitually rewarded failure for the last four and a half years. If there really were accountability in this Administration the resignations of Rumsfeld and the all the remaining Neo Cons would be forthcoming for the Debacle that Iraq has become.

Iraq and public support for it are circling the drain, your Poll numbers are down after a major screw up on your watch and no amount of invoking 911 works to rally the simple minded RED STATE HICKS..NO PROBLEM you and your connected pals can still SCAM A BUCK off of the misery the US TAXPAYER.

Hey, when you have no conscience or soul they are no problems…MORAL VALUES AT ITS BEST!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


The party that advocates personal responsibly takes no responsibility and blames the local government for hurricane deaths, pushes for small government by cutting money to our local government yet creates the biggest federal bureaucracy in the Department of Homeland Security, claims to help unite this country but plays the politics of division. The inclusive party of Lincoln has become the privileged party of Bush a.k.a. the Texan Nero! How quickly can Nero turn the most advanced country in the world into the third world Nation? Cheer on you Red State fools! Welcome to the third world, you are living in it! Bangladesh is closer than you think, you may not think you live in it, but the rest of the world does! Katrina just proved it! But fear not! Your Texan Nero is living in the privileged First World and ruling you who are in the third world! So wave your flags and be proud to be stupid, drive your Humvees and wonder why you pay so much for gas, make sure everyone has a gun and wonder why it’s the Wild West in New Orleans, invade a country that didn't threaten us and wonder why everyone hates us! It makes sense to us in the Blue States!

Let us hope the rest of us in the Blue States and perhaps some Red State fools realize their two-term mistake and will vote these idiots out of office! The climb back from a third world nation, to the first world that we were only five years ago will be long and hard. 2006 is only a year away, let's send these idiot Republicans with their flags, guns and bibles back to where they belong in the sewer of the Red States!

Read it and weep


Friday, September 09, 2005

Your Poll numbers are in the toilet. Your base is jumping ship over your BOGUS WAR, HIGH GAS PRICES and you just screwed up big-time with Katrina. You’ve shown yourself as the CLUELESS JACKASS that you truly are for all to see. What do you do?

FEMA Chief Relieved of Katrina Duties

MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!! Write this one down in the calendar for posterity. This is the first time that anyone affiliated with the Bush administration and it’s myriad of Screw ups has been held accountable and not given a MEDAL.

I know that the Polls mean nothing to Bush and his CHICKENHAWK SUPPORTERS from RedState.org, but I find it amusing that even now the Shrubs clueless and uninformed base are ditching this inarticulate ALFRED E. NUEMAN TYPE and his lie based spin machine. I think it would be safe to assume that all POLITICAL CAPITAL has been spent and the RED STATE RUBES realize they have been duped as their gas and energy bills rise unabated, the poor are left to starve and drown by the very administration that claimed they were the only ones that could protect us in the last election and their children die in disproportionate numbers in Bush’s NOBLE CAUSE.

That quacking sound you hear is not the geese flying south early this year.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The main causes of misery for this nation is the sole responsibility of the Red State fools whose majority are Republicans. After all they voted for their President "The Texan Nero" twice! Taking responsibility for one's incompetence weather it is the fiasco in Iraq, the hatred that the rest of the world has for us, or the government's handling of the hurricane like a third world country, is a tough thing! Waving your flag and banging your bible is much easier! Who cares if your Texan Nero is making our great nation look like a third world country to those that used to be our friends around the world? He is doing great! After all he is your boy! – It’s the Democrats, the foreigners, or any assorted acts of God that caused America's ills, not your Nero he is doing a helluva job doing GOD's Work! He walks though, he talks tough, and therefore he is tough! Yep! He is your boy. A little lie or shear incompetence is part of your Red State culture! You fools, have the most poverty, the most pollution, the most over weight people, the most gas guzzling cars and you are proud to be an American! Go ahead be proud to be stupid! When will you look in the mirror! Then again why should you, God is on your side…right?


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Katrina Deal

Can you even believe this BS!!!!!! Remember that you heard it here first... in the form of a JOKE:

"When finally the Gulf Coast is cleaned up and reconstruction is ready to begin I’m sure we can count on HALIBURTON to be there through the rewarding of no bid contracts."

Truly, is there no shame or limit to the LIES, GREED, and PROFITEERING that animates this administration and the EVIL GOP BLOOD SUCKERS that are affiliated with it???

Where the hell is the OUTRAGE???

Saturday, September 03, 2005


As stated in the pages of above linked piece KATRINA IS THE ANTI 911. This is true in the effect that it will have on Bush and his administration. That being, as 911 and Bush’s reaction to it’s subsequent events made Bush, so shall the events and his lack of action toward Katrina and the destruction and misery it spawned will prove to be his political undoing.

As the true impact of Katrina began to become apparent to the people of the Gulf Coast and the American People as a whole, the nation looked to the top for a DECISIVE MAN OF ACTION during a time of National tragedy, but what was found was a leader on vacation and asleep at the helm of a nation as it called for strong and overwhelming leadership. Bush was once again found “AT HIS RANCH” oblivious to events as if he was reading MY PET GOAT PART 2 and waiting for Andrew Card to kick him in the ass to comeback to reality and react.

Bush’s poll numbers up to this point had been plummeting. Mostly due to an aimless and endless quagmire in Iraq with no exit strategy or meaningful justification, as well as, spiraling energy costs that an American public increasingly perceives as his unwillingness or inability to take steps against the very industry that helped to make him and his family wealthy.

The emperor’s new clothes have been exposed for all to see. It has become apparent that Bush has failed miserably in a time of national need when he could have easily reprised his take-charge role from 911. The take charge/ folksy man of the people has instead been shown for what he truly is, an ineffectual leader at best, marginally engaged and uninformed about current events with little knowledge of the lives of the average American and those outside of the Aristocratic circles in which he travels. A pompous Rich snot nosed Ivy League Frat boy with a true contempt and uncaring for the lower classes i.e. his constituents and their well being. After this his potency as the leader of his party and as President will be diminished.

It has been said that in the realm of history some men are born to greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them as 911 did for Bush during his first term. But in this case one will be able to look back and realize that Katrina was the event that totally ruined the Bush persona and presidency that previously been founded and built upon the events of 911.

In the end, years from now, when the history is written Bush will have wished he had served only one term like his father. A change in the weather is coming.

Friday, September 02, 2005

"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."
George W. Bush (LIAR)

Models predicted New Orleans disaster, experts say

The true level of the Bush Administrations incompetence and the worthlessness of The Dept. Of Homeland Security is becoming apparent just days after one of the most catastrophic disasters in US history. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait years for a 911 Commission to expose the truth this time.

So this is what we get after tons of lip service from BushCo. telling us that they were the only ones that could protect us and pouring BILLION$$$$ into HOMELAND SECURITY. The devastation and suffering on the Gulf Coast all comes to pass even after the scenario was predicted and written out “IN DETAIL” as to what would happen if a major storm hammered the the New Orleans area. Maybe if it had been presented in COMIC BOOK form with BIG PRINT the Chimp would have taken an interest and thought twice about cutting the funding to emergency management. What if this had been a Nuclear or Biological Terrorist attack?

When finally the Gulf Coast is cleaned up and reconstruction is ready to begin I’m sure we can count on HALIBURTON to be there through the rewarding of no bid contracts.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


First, while on vacation in 2001,it was the warning that Bin Laden was determined to strike a month before 911 that he ignored and now this SLACKASS JACKASS blows it again waiting for days to deal with the tragedy that is unfolding in Louisiana and Mississippi. God forbid!!!! you wouldn’t want a disaster of Biblical Proportions to cut into your 5-week slack fest in Crawford.

Bush was warned that this could happen back in 2001,but decided to cut funding by 44% to siphon the money off to fund the Iraq war a war based on lies and half truths. It’s good to know that Bush got his Worthless energy bill through Congress that continues to leave us tied to the Saudis, a limited supply of fossil fuel and dealing with energy prices spiraling out of control.

This time the Red State Rim Jobs are gonna feel the pain as the price of gas goes through the roof and the repercussions of the price of fuel ripples through the economy. Could this be the pin that pops the he Housing Bubble and puts the brakes on Bush’s so called recovery that many in the nation are still waiting for? And what of the continuing death toll in Bush’s Noble Cause i.e. Iraq continues to spiral out of control towards civil war and eventual alignment with Iran. No amount of invoking 911 is gonna bail Bush outta this one.

I am going to love every minute of it as this lying clueless clown and the rest of the EVIL GOP BASTARDS are held accountable by even the most empty headed FOX NEWS watching Red State Moron for their slow response and preparedness.
Today’s winner of the Marie Antoinette LET THEM EAT CAKE Award:

Condi Rice:

Who is enjoying Broadway and shopping for shoes while the inhabitants in the south die a slow death from starvation and thirst, live with lawlessness and wallow in there own filth. A true Republican!!!!