Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Terrorist is…a Terrorist is.. A Terrorist is …..

How Ironic is it that the same Right Wing fools that want to organize a global crusade against Islamic Zealots have their own Bin Laden in Pat Robertson. Robertson is another gift from the Red State’s (Lyndon Johnson and the current Texan Nero, the 700 club etc….). Robertson and his gang of fools were instrumental in twice electing The Texan Nero, hence a powerful political force in the Republican Party who is controlling the US government at this time! Terrorists are terrorists no matter their race, religion, nationality or POLITICAL PARTY.

The Texan Nero and his gang of right wing zealots believe that they have the moral authority to lead the USA and more importantly the rest of world via their religious extremism, hence Islamic religious extremists are terrorists and we should sacrifice our young, as well as our treasure to defeat them because they are a global threat and not just a threat to the US alone! Red State fools are you ever going to wake up from your dream of making the rest of the world in your own image?? The world realizes that the Texan Nero’s power base is the American Religious Right mostly from the Red States. After all, Bush is in power because of the votes from Pat Robertson and his gang of Christian extremists!! How can Bush and the GOP think that they have the moral authority for their crusades in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc., when the very reason they are in power is because of your own HOME GROWN Religious Zealots. There is no difference between calling for the assassination of a democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation, and the funding and recruiting of people to kill thousands of innocents! Terrorism is terrorism no matter where it may come from! The rest of the world realizes this – do the Red State Bible Bangers? Obviously not. For Bush and the GOP to now try to distances themselves from these Christian Zealots is like Saudi Arabia distancing itself from Bin Laden and the 9/11 terrorists



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