Friday, August 12, 2005

Suzie Housecoat said...
Now that's what we come to blogs to see - good postings!I don't know if I can answer your question without a long drawn out and boring post. I blame Hussein for not following the post-Desert Storm UN edicts. The burden of proof was on him to prove that he wasn't developing WMDs, it wasn't on the UN to prove he did. But instead of providing documentation, verification and cooperation, he flaunted the requirements for almost a decade. After 9/11, we realized we had to be proactive - rather than reactive - to Middle East madmen. And when even an airplane can be a weapon of mass destruction . . . well, there isn't much room for error. I blame the UN - a group made-up largly of corrupt dictators for not possessing the moral standing to go after one of their one (how could they, really?)As for polls, I don't put much credence in the opinions of people obsessed with runaway brides and missing blondes. The media has about as much credibility in judging the current military situation as Chicken Little.I could go on and on, but what would be the point?
Friday, August 12, 2005 10:01:25 AM

Suzie Housecoat said...
Joe,I'll be looking for your response to my answer, but after that I'll be going away for a while. Me and some of my buds from the Karl Rove Fan Club are gonna load up in my daddy's Hummer and take a road trip down to Crawford. We're staging a counter protest to Cindy Sheehan. What a disgrace that woman is! Her son was a grown man who gave "the last full measure of devotion" to his country and she is making a mockery of his decision to serve his country. She's an embarrassment to all military wives and mothers. Could you imagine a Gold Star mother during WWII behaving that way? Anyway, I've gotta get away from the liberal media for a while (that includes, as much as you would deny it, this site). We'll keep the radio tuned to Rush and Hannity the whole way down . . . sweet!


Some of those corrupt dictators that you speak of we call our friends i.e. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc. that we of course hold to a different standard than other dictators. Also, until the early ‘90s Saddamy was our pal and we supplied him with the stuff that he needed to kill his own people, as well as, our enemy Iran all under the Reagan/Bush administrations.

I think that the onus was on Bush to prove all that we went to war for and to give adequate support and send enough troops there to do the job right. He has failed on all these counts.

You may not care about what the polls say but your pal Bush does otherwise he would not have made a statement about Sheehan and the war yesterday. Also, those clowns that for the most part follow the runaway bride and that other worthless Pop culture slop is for the most part his base.

As far as her being a disgrace, don’t confuse this conflict with WW2 as then we were attacked and on this one we attacked Iraq that posed no threat to us and during WW2 the population was firmly behind the war. In WW2 everyone had someone they knew that was serving. This conflict is very different. How many people do you and your young pals know that is serving? Have you ever lost someone in your family in a military action? Have you even had someone in your family serve? I love these jackass pundits who pass judgment on this woman. None of these gutless right wing mouthpieces served, O’Reilly (the sexual harasser), Limbaugh (the Junkie), Hannity etc. all gutless chicken hawks like Bush and Co. dodged the draft in Vietnam and didn’t stand to fight godless communist menace. This is how the anti war movement gained momentum during the Vietnam era. Is everyone that lost someone and also served and now against the war also a disgrace? The American people have heard enough. Action will be the only thing that matters to them now.

Mark my words when the next terror strike comes the draft will be reactivated and you and your pals are gonna be asked to put your money where your mouth is. Then we’ll see where everyone stands. Also, that yours and the pundits actions will be for naught as the more you smear this woman and the others that follow her the more the Anti war movement will gain momentum. Bush has lost the majority of Americans. This whole thing is going to tear this great country apart.

Good luck paying for the gas in that Hummer. It’s good thing Bush passed that worthless energy bill. Enjoy the heat!


Anonymous Beachboy said...

Right On my man! - An American Idiot is the one who confuses history, confuses reasoning and blindly follow other idiots like our Texan Nero! - Suzie Housecoat and her Red State fools may live comfortably in the American Wasteland! By sticking their head in the sand! But she and her Red State idiots will never have the guts to challenge those in the rest of this country or more importantly the rest of the world! I guess sticking your head in the sand is more comfortable! - Remember what a rabbit does when it is about to get killed by a predator, it sticks its head in the rabbit hole because it cannot bear to feel what is about to happen!

Friday, August 12, 2005 1:58:00 PM  

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