Monday, August 08, 2005

THE REPUBLICAN ATTACK MACHINE IS ACTIVATED against the mother of a U.S. soldier killed in BUSH's "CLUSTER".

Once again we see the hand of Evil Incarnate himself ie Karl Rove in this. This poor woman gave here son for this BS war and now questions it and thus the Republican Attack Machine has been activated and turned in her direction. Like all others that question Bush’s devious motives these Gutless Chicken Hawks will seek to marginalize her and paint her as being a KOOK and less of an American. These Bastards have no shame. I think on this one they’ll lose, because right about now the Red State Rubes are coming to the realization they’ve been had by this inarticulate clown and the corporate masters that hold his leash. May god Bless America, but may he also DAMN the entire Bush Administration.


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