Sunday, August 21, 2005

Here we go again!!!

Our fearless leader with sinking poll numbers and a bunch of peacenik left wing malcontents camped out across the street cutting into his 5 week slack fest in the intellectual wasteland of Crawford Texas has decided to take his snake oil side show of half truths and redundant lies on the road to once again justify the BS Iraq War to the Red State Rubes. And to encourage them and others to sacrifice their husbands and wives and sons and Daughters for cannon fodder to this misguided Vietnam in the sands. And of course the standard refrain being the road from all misfortune, stupidity and poor planning can be traced back to 911.

Plague of Locusts-911

Tire blows out on the bike during a ride with Lance Armstrong-911

Majority of Americans start to turn against the Iraq quagmire-911

Yeah ..Yeah.. Yeah.. Joe Six-pack and Suzie Housecoat have grown tired of the same old refrain as the body bags keep rolling into small town/Nowhere America and with no exit strategy in site. Even the pompous Edger Bergen to Bush’s Charlie McCarthy, Dick “Last Throes” Cheney has been summoned by the Rovian’s to paint the Peaceniks and those that question Bush’s quagmire with his unpatriotic brush as less than American and enablers of godless Jihadists. Sounds more like the standard “AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT “ slop we heard from the Nixonians of the Vietnam era that would have us stay the course for a failed policy.

And now the Army tells us that we maybe in Iraq for another four years to come…GEE WHAT A SURPRISE. Well no amount of repeating the same lies is going to save this jackass and his Neocon Traveling sideshow of lies or is going to smooth over the public's anxiety over this Ill planned and executed monkey show of Death. Keep your eye on the polls as they continue to plummet…oh that’s right he and his party don’t put any credence into to the polls.


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