Friday, August 26, 2005

GALLUP POLL:Bush popularity at all-time low.

Well are you Red State Jackasses experiencing a little buyer’s remorse now?? Yeah, kinda wished you had been a little better informed and believed a little less of the slop THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL and that junkie jackass Rush Limbaugh shoveled and you lapped up about this inarticulate half witted clown being the country’s Godly Savior.

Yep, only thing to do now is what those of us that had enough sense and intellect to vote against this lying NeoCon mouthpiece do …get used to it. Maybe now you have come to the realization that your fearless leader has no plan except helping his rich pals at the expense of the little guy, looking forward to that next bike ride and the next month long vacation on your dime. What gas prices?? What War?? Enjoy the next 31/2 years. They’re gonna be long ones.


Anonymous Beachboy said...

Remember that arrogances and ignorance are one in the same! - These Red State fools will never admit their decision to put this idiot in the white house! - The Red State fools are the most, un-educated, un-healthy, religious zealots part of our great nation! Bushes troubles will be blamed on the "left wing media", the terrorist, the Europeans, the Asians etc. After all God is on their site - how could they be wrong! The rest of the world is wrong!

Saturday, August 27, 2005 11:36:00 AM  

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