Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Beginning of the End of The Iraq Debacle

Iraqis Fail to Meet Constitution Deadline

U.S. lowers sights on what can be achieved in Iraq

These two events not only mark more defeats for Bush, but also signal the beginning of the end of the Iraq Debacle.The tide is starting to go against Bush and his DO NOTHING/MAKE THE PROBLEM WORSE policies.

Face it, you Red State Clowns believed everything that this Administration spoon-fed you and you swallowed it without a question and it has all turned out to be a lie. The consequences of the failure to come in Iraq to the world and the USA will have to be dealt with for years if not decades to come.

I geuss when GOD was speaking to this Smirking Chimp he gave him some pretty bad advise..wouldn't you say?


Anonymous Kira Zalan said...

If this National Assembly does not have the mindset required to produce a meaningful Iraqi constitution, then it is best to dissolve and re-elect the assembly than settle for a prop. It is more important to get it right, than to get it “right now.”

As Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari noted, “We should not be hasty regarding the issues and the constitution should not be born crippled.” The constitution must be meaningful – a living, breathing document that can be a foundation for the long road towards a real democracy in a united Iraq.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 7:38:00 PM  

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