Friday, July 08, 2005

The Rantings of Suzie Housecoat: QUEEN OF THE TRAILER PARK

Suzie Housecoat said...

Joe, I have nothing against free speech. I just happen to think that the freedom comes with certain responsibilities. Responsibilities like spelling, grammer, correct word choice, punctuation, etc. If you think your readers will be so awed by the brilliance of your postings that they'll overlook the sophmoric writing style . . . well, then you're misguided on several counts.Maybe your mom could proofread your writing for you before posting?
Friday, July 08, 2005 8:18:01 AM

Suzie Housecoat said...

Anti-Bush, Anti-Oil AND Anti-Semitic?! This blog has something for everyone!You forgot the part about Halliburton blowing-up the tube so they can get the contract to rebuild it. But I guess you were getting to that.
Friday, July 08, 2005 8:24:16 AM

Well Suzie, I guess there is no pleasing you no matter what is done or said. For someone who thinks this Blog is smalltime and sophomoric, you sure as hell spend a lot of time here. I will admit that not everyone has Ivy League English back ground like yourself. Unfortunately my mother is no longer around to grade my papers and offer pointers, however, I am happy to say that I do see your Mother at least once a week, for drinks and MORE. We often talk about your lack of creativity and political knowledge. I’m sure she would be more than happy to offer a few grammatical pointers as a form of after play.

The posting that you branded as ANTI-SEMETIC was not mine, but I still cannot figure out why anytime anyone mentions Israel’s involvement in world events they are automatically branded a Nazi. I feel, that since Israel receives the majority of Americas Foreign/Military aid i.e. MY AND YOUR TAX DOLLARS that gives me and every other American the right to comment. It also has to be noted that one of the key reasons those Islamic WACKOS hate America is not our Lifestyle, our Democracy or that we get to see regular syndicated reruns of “FRIENDS or “MY MOTHER THE CAR” as you and that Commander in Clown pal of yours would suggest, but Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and Americas refusal to hold them accountable. As far as the bit about Halliburton, I have yet to hear that as I don't tune into Fox News often or listen to any fringe survivalist pirate radio stations. As soon as it is verified and actually happens you can sure as hell bet there will be commentary on it here.

Any all responses from this point should be sent to the following: thebsinsurgency@yahoo.com . If you’ve got the intestinal fortitude and the facts to back up your baseless claims feel free to submit a piece for posting and dazzle us all with you masterful use of Grammer, Syntax and Style etc. At which time I will be more than happy to dissect and refute all you baseless claims point by point. Unlike you and those of your jackbooted ilk, I believe in free speech for all and not just the privileged few that have access to the media or those that parrot the senseless and delirious babblings of that drug addict Rush Limbaugh. I will once again suggest to all that if don't like what's posted here don't visit or feel free to start up you own blog.




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