Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost
Malcolm X -1963

We of the Blogosphere Insurgency offer our deepest condolences to the families of those killed in today’s terror attack in London and wish the best to the people of London and the U.K. Also, that the perpetrators of this Butchery maybe found and brought to justice (i.e. read “KILLED”) as expeditiously as possible

With that said, Today’s events would appear run counter to what Bush has been asserting for so long, that being“ THE FRONTLINE ON THE WAR ON TERROR IS IN IRAQ”. A group calling itself "The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe” has claimed responsibility for this. If al-Qaida is behind this, I can once again only ponder what the hell would be the case if we had stayed focused on getting Bin Laden instead of launching this bogus war in Iraq.

It was obvious that the true magnitude of today’s events sunk in immediately for Tony Blair and he didn’t need 7+ minutes and a reading of “MY PET GOAT” to understand what history had just handed him, as Bush did on 911. I’m sure after the realization of what had happened his next two thoughts were, or should have been, has my alliance with this Texas cowboy bought this death and destruction to the shores of England and what will the people of the U.K. think? Maybe this attack was inevitable as Blair claims, but it has to be acknowledged that Blair’s evil alliance with Bush based on Lies and Deceit (as verified by THE DOWNING STREET MEMOS) and deciding to sign onto Bush’s misguided military adventure into Iraq has put the UK more firmly in the cross hairs of the Jihadists.

Blair barely won his last election and there are many saying that his hold on power is tenuous at best. If the people of the U.K., after digesting today’s events come to the conclusion that Blair’s alliance with Bush and support of his war played a role in this attack, it could accelerate his political demise and the lose Bush his staunchest ally.

The terror attack in London was, I’m sure, a welcome respite for Bush as it, for the short term, takes the American publics eye off of Bush’s sinking poll numbers, mounting body count in Iraq and the impending indictment of his “BRAIN” Karl Rove for the “treasonous” outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame. If nothing more, it at least will give him something else to talk about besides invoking the memory of 911 over and over the next time he goes before the American people to once again ask them to have patience in Iraq as their sons, daughters, Husbands and Wives continue to die for a war based on Lies.



Anonymous Beach Boy said...

Three events recently (in the last week) happened that I think will impact events in the near future and eventually may cause all the western troops to leave Iraq. The Texas Nero says " we have to stay on the offensive so they won’t hit us here” While Nero spewing out nonsense - events around him could force him to bring our troops home. Thus the American Empire will continue to go the way as Rome did!

"The time has come to begin to think also about our house, and to use the same resources currently committed in Iraq to prevent and combat possible attacks on our territory"

Silvio Berlusconi,
Italian Prime Minister
Meaning - we know why, they hit London and we don't want to give them the excuse to hit an Italian City. (Milan, Rome, etc.) - Unlike Bush, who justifies his misadventure in Iraq by saying we are there to fight them so they won’t hit us here! The second coming of Mussolini (Berlusconi), has finally come to his senses and the Italians will be out of Iraq by end of this year, of course the right wing will say - he is cutting and running.
2) The UK
Tony Blair said, after the bombing "it was time to look at the causes of terrorism" - Have you ever heard Bush say this? He says they hate us because they hate America, meaning as long as there are Americans there, there will be terrorism, funny thing is before Bush, there was no 9/11, no Madrid bombing, no London bombing, etc. Perhaps America became America when Bush was given the election in 2000.
Of course, pouring fuel into the fire by, going into Iraq, supporting the right wing Zionists in Israel, and generally pissing off 1/5 of the world populous, according to the right wing is NOT the reason the number of these crazies that want to hit us and global terrorism has increased substantially!!- My prediction is that the English, will slowly leave Iraq, much sooner than the Americans. No matter how you look at it - Going with Bush, the English has paid a big price - I am sure Blair knows it wasn't worth it!
3) The US
Of course the US media, does not report this, but a funny thing happened last week, the prime minister or Iraq, visited the Mullahs in Iran, and signed a joint military cooperation between the two countries. Iran will be training the Iraqi troops. So the axis of evil is back in Iraq! -
I predict, that the new Shia/Iraq government will be forced to kick out the Americans by saying, "thank you for saving us from Saddam, but we can now handle our own security!” The only way to stop the killing in Iraq (confirmed by both the insurgents, the new Iraqi government and generally the Moslem world) is for the Americans to leave.
The Americans will leave, Bush will claim victory, but no oil, no military bases to protect Israel and "our" oil!
Iran and Iraq will be much more anti-American, the Oil cronies and the Zionist will have shot themselves in the foot. The US will be viewed as a "paper tiger" but the Texas Nero will keep fiddling away! I wonder what the right wing will say?

No matter what the right wing in this country says, they will at least be in power for 8 more years, it is their turn, and it their policies - let us watch events and see what happens. So far the results haven’t been so good! The only thing they can say for their failures to this point is "history will prove us right" -well let us see, they’ve been wrong for the last five years, they are wrong now, so the only thing they have is the future! - Hmmm

Beach boy

Sunday, July 10, 2005 2:16:00 PM  

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