Thursday, July 21, 2005

"Bush’s Exit Strategy is Forced Upon Him"

Three weeks ago, the Iraqi foreign Minster visited Iran and signed a military cooperation agreement. The Iranians also agreed to help train the new Iraqi military and border guards. Last week the Iraq Prime Minister visited Iran for a love feast! At the same time we heard that Bush tried to help elect the opponent of the current Iraq Prime Minster by illegally funding money to him. Of course typical BUSH - he lost - his man only got 14% of the vote while the Shia winner (who was in exile in Iran for 10 years) got 56% of the vote. If there is a choice between BUSH and Iran, whom do you think the Iraqis government will befriend? - Consider that both Iran and the Sunni insurgents want the US out of the Iraq; the incompetence of Bush's strategy in defeating the Sunni insurgents will mean only one thing. Iran and Iraq and the Sunni insurgents will agree that the best thing that can happen to them is to have the US troops leave Iraq. No more military bases, no more oil, and no more friends of Israel. The Texas Cowboy will just go on and playing like it’s “HIGH NOON”! The world (except Israel, their friends and the US Neocons) will rejoice that BUSH and his Oil buddies will have to go home!

That is my prediction and I am sticking by it!



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