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To all you Red State "American Idiots" who blindly backed "The Texas Nero" and his band of power hungry Neocons in their pursuit of total global domination, listen up and watch Central Asia as your Nero, the zero gets be booted out of Uzbekistan. Your idiotic moves to control access to the worlds, oil/gas supplies backfired! - As the Iranian's are putting the moves on you in Iraq by having the present 'Democratically Elected" government of Iraq pushing you out of our military bases there, the Chinese and Russians have also persuaded the Uzbeks to kick you out of their country. Guess what? Our tax dollars built all those US bases in Middle East and Central Asia. Thank you for borrowing and spending over 700 billion dollars of our hard earned Taxpayer money (and oh yea, our children's money) by giving it to the Iranians, Chinese and the Russians. They are laughing and watching your "Nero" play his banjo!. You are truly "The American Idiots" - Read it and weep! or let us just say we weep for ourselves for belonging to the same great country as you. This is just the beginning - Watch"

Beach Boy strikes again = Ouch

Saturday, July 30, 2005

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As most AverageAmericans fear for the future of their jobs, falling standard of living and are still waiting for those MILLIONS of jobs promised by Bush to justify his tax cuts, the REPUBLICAN WHORES in D.C. did it to the little guy again. Yesterday with the passage of CAFTA, Bush and the Corporate Masters that hold his leash gave another kick in the teeth to the working American and another give away to the Multinationals. After much backroom deals, threats, ass kicking and kissing the Cowboy Clown from Crawford finally won one at the expense of the average working American. I think Pat Buchanan said it best.. hey truth is truth no matter what side of the aisle it comes from.

CAFTA: Ideology vs. National Interests
By Patrick J. Buchanan
© 2000 WorldNetDaily.com-->© 2005 Creators Syndicate Inc.

Using the Clinton playbook for enacting NAFTA in '93, the White House is twisting arms and buying votes to win passage of the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
And the seductive song the White House is singing sounds familiar. It is the NAFTA theme song. CAFTA will ease the social pressures that have produced waves of illegal aliens. CAFTA will increase U.S. exports. CAFTA will not cost U.S. jobs. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

If Tom DeLay's caucus delivers 200 votes for CAFTA, economic patriots will begin to look outside the GOP for leadership.

In 1993, Republicans, by four to one, signed on to NAFTA. They believed the promises that our $5 billion trade surplus with Mexico would grow and illegal immigration would diminish. They were deceived. The NAFTA skeptics were proven right. The U.S. trade surplus with Mexico vanished overnight. Last year, we ran a $50 billion trade deficit. Since 1993, 15 million illegal aliens have been caught breaking into the United States. Five million made it, and their soaring demands for social services have driven California to bankruptcy. As for Mexico's major exports to us, they appear to be two: narcotics and Mexicans.

With Middle Easterners turning up on the Rio Grande, patriotic Minutemen are patrolling the border because President Bush will not enforce our immigration laws. Who can believe this White House is serious, then, about halting the invasion from the Caribbean and Central America?

It is time for Republicans who represent a Middle America that never wanted NAFTA to tell the White House the old talking points will no longer do. The open-borders, free-trade ideology of Clinton and Bush has run its course and begun to endanger our national existence.
Today, "free trade" is about something other than the simple exchange of goods. Henry Kissinger tipped the Trilateralists' hand in 1993 when he wrote that NAFTA was the "architecture of a new international system," a great "step forward toward the new world order."

Today's trade agreements are about reshaping the world to conform to the demands of transnational corporations that have shed their national identities and loyalties and want to shed their U.S. workers. Tired of contributing to Medicare and Social Security and having to deal with Americans who need health-care and pension benefits, they want to dump them all and hire Asians who will work for $2 an hour.

Trade treaties have become enabling acts by which global companies desert their home countries. CAFTA will enable U.S. firms to shut down factories here, lay off their labor force, and hire Dominicans and Costa Ricans, but retain free access to the U.S. market. They get to fire their American workers – and keep their American consumers. What a deal.

NAFTA and CAFTA are the shield laws of corporate absconders. What these companies want ultimately is a world government that will protect their absolute freedom to go where they wish and do what they want – the country be damned. Before Republicans go down to the well of the House and vote for CAFTA, they need to look at what has already happened to America.

Under Bush, 3 million manufacturing jobs have disappeared, one in every six. States like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois – which went for Reagan twice – are gone. A shift of 60,000 votes in the GOP bastion of Ohio, and Kerry would be president.
The U.S. trade deficit in 2005 will exceed $700 billion – 6 percent of our entire economy. We are awash in foreign debt.

With China, our trade deficit last year was $162 billion. Beijing is using its trade surplus to buy U.S. bonds, giving her a giant claim on U.S. interest payments – and to build and buy the ships, planes and missiles needed to fight a naval war off her coast. Wal-Mart is subsidizing China's strategic buildup.

The industries we are losing now are not only textiles, shoes, TVs and toys, but autos, airplanes and computers. We are no longer the self-sufficient nation of 1940 or 1960. Even American sovereignty is being eroded, as the World Trade Organization orders Congress to change U.S. tax and trade laws, and Congress meekly complies.

America can yet turn this around, but we are reaching a tipping point – where a sovereign, independent and self-sufficient American republic will cease to be.

Thirty House Republicans can stop this process cold by just saying no to CAFTA. The Business Roundtable will get over it. After all, they have no place else to go.

When the Energy Bill passes change that score to 2 to 0.

The only thing that gives me solace is knowing that the ones that will be hurt the most in the long run will be the Red State clowns that voted for this inarticulate redneck. At what point does the Red State Average Joe that voted for this snake oil saleman and his Republican CABAL in Congress finally realize that they’ve been had?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

POLL:Americans believe war in Iraq can't be won, nor democracy established.

More and more Joe Sixpack and even REDSTATE Suzie Housecoat see Bush as the lieing Bastard that he is and his WAR as a pointless Quagmire.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Majority of Japanese follow American trend and turn against Bush’s aimless “CLUSTER” in Iraq. Can withdrawal be far behind? Another member of “THE COERCED AND UNWILLING” gets ready to jump ship!

It's time for all the Young Republicans and the OVER THE HILL ARMCHAIR TOUGH GUYS that support our fearless leaders "CLUSTER"to sign up and fight.NO EXCUSES NOW!!!! It is your obligation to do what Bush, Cheney,Wolfowitz andthe rest of the Neocon Rabble refused to do ie SERVE. Somebody has to sign up and take the Bush twins place...or is it as Cheney said when questioned about his lack of service "I HAD OTHER THINGS TO DO". Halliburton is counting on you.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Thursday, July 21, 2005

"Bush’s Exit Strategy is Forced Upon Him"

Three weeks ago, the Iraqi foreign Minster visited Iran and signed a military cooperation agreement. The Iranians also agreed to help train the new Iraqi military and border guards. Last week the Iraq Prime Minister visited Iran for a love feast! At the same time we heard that Bush tried to help elect the opponent of the current Iraq Prime Minster by illegally funding money to him. Of course typical BUSH - he lost - his man only got 14% of the vote while the Shia winner (who was in exile in Iran for 10 years) got 56% of the vote. If there is a choice between BUSH and Iran, whom do you think the Iraqis government will befriend? - Consider that both Iran and the Sunni insurgents want the US out of the Iraq; the incompetence of Bush's strategy in defeating the Sunni insurgents will mean only one thing. Iran and Iraq and the Sunni insurgents will agree that the best thing that can happen to them is to have the US troops leave Iraq. No more military bases, no more oil, and no more friends of Israel. The Texas Cowboy will just go on and playing like it’s “HIGH NOON”! The world (except Israel, their friends and the US Neocons) will rejoice that BUSH and his Oil buddies will have to go home!

That is my prediction and I am sticking by it!


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Poll suggests drop in Bush's personal credibility

I'm sure you won't hear about this on THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

Well, it would appear that the alarm clock has started to go off and the proverbial "WAKE UP CALL” has come for the other 51% that was to misguide, uninformed or just to plain stupid to see what the rest of us GLARINGLY saw about this lying clown. Hell, he didn’t even get a bounce from the London Bombings. Nope, no amount of invoking 911 is gonna bail him out this time. The RED STATE Rubes now see, that for the most part, Iraq is "RICH MAN'S WAR, POOR MAN'S FIGHT" kinda war based on lies for the sake of Corporate Profiteering and Vendetta.

To continue with Rove. Here is the heading of an article from the AP yesterday "“ Bush Passes on Public Endorsement of Rove”. So even Bush is wary about giving his support in public to his “POLITICAL SVENGALI”. This doesn’t bode well for the wonder boy,any other time Bush would not hesitate. Maybe, Rove’s long road of bad Karma has finally caught up to him and Bush knows that soon he’s going to have to pull the plug on his evil chubby little buddy…the sharks are circling.

The Right has viciously taken the fight to Valerie Plame and her husband Wilson playing the old “ROVIAN” game of character assassination to deflect any inquiry and criticism of the Rove and his motives for outing Valerie Plame. These administration Sycophants even have the audacity to claim that the Machiavellian poster boy is some how a hero. Now you want to talk about a “conceptual non sequitur”, this is one. It would appear that the Neo Buddhist saying, “you can only piss in the Karmic stream of life so long before you gotta drink from it”, is true. It looks like the “Republican Smearmeister” is about to take a big long Gulp!

Either way the word around the belt way is that the investigation will be wrapping up soon and if Rove is indicted what will Bush and the rabid right do? Will Bush carry out his promise to fire anyone that had a hand in the outing of Plame or will he continue dragging his heels and stall to protect Rove? Will the Right admit that Rove compromised National Security or will it continue to play the spin/smear game and proclaim it’s all a Liberal Left partisan ploy? Soon we shall have the answer.

At any rate it is going to be one helluva long four years for the man from Crawford. Four long years spent spinning and parading a continuous new set of lies and half-truths to explain the setbacks. The vast majority of the administrations time from here on out will be spent on damage control as Iraq continues it’s aimless spiral into Quagmire, the administration is unable to come up with a viable exit strategy, and the scandals keep continuing to the surface one after the other. With a little over six months into the second Bush administration any so called “MANDATE” from the elections has been totally pissed away and all political capital spent. That quacking sound you hear is not from the Mallards heading south early this year. It’s time for those Republicans running for reelection in ’06 to start to distance themselves from this sinking ship before the subsequent whirlpool that follows sucks them to the bottom also.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Rove is a TREASONOUS DOG and has to go!!!!!

Bush has always stated that if it is found that anyone in his administration was involved with the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame that they would be fired. Will he do it to the “ARCHITECT” of his political rise or will it be just another in a long string of LIES that has served as the foundation of his administration?

More to come...

Friday, July 08, 2005

ATT: suzie@redstate.org

I sent the following response to this email address and it bounced back.So here is my response to your inquiry about THE BLOGOSPHERE INSURGENCY'S willingness to let others excercise there right to freespeech and the conviction of my views.

so this is your Idea of FREE SPEECH???http://misc.redstate.org/story/2005/7/1/103340/5501

You Republicans and your idea of Free Speech is the same---only if it's what YOU agree with. So you decide to shutdown freespeech at your home site and then demand it else where. Just like Bush with his bogus townhall meetings that only allow in fellow supporters of his half baked policies. The hell of it is HE"S USING MY TAX DOLLARS TO DO IT WITH!!!! Typical Republican. I got a deal for ya. I'll let you do a piece and let you post it on my site ( WITH NO EDITING WHAT SO EVER ON MY PART) if you will allow me to post a piece on the HOME PAGE of www.redstate.org. Show us all, first hand, what real CONVICTION is...So Whatya say...SUZIE?

The Rantings of Suzie Housecoat: QUEEN OF THE TRAILER PARK

Suzie Housecoat said...

Joe, I have nothing against free speech. I just happen to think that the freedom comes with certain responsibilities. Responsibilities like spelling, grammer, correct word choice, punctuation, etc. If you think your readers will be so awed by the brilliance of your postings that they'll overlook the sophmoric writing style . . . well, then you're misguided on several counts.Maybe your mom could proofread your writing for you before posting?
Friday, July 08, 2005 8:18:01 AM

Suzie Housecoat said...

Anti-Bush, Anti-Oil AND Anti-Semitic?! This blog has something for everyone!You forgot the part about Halliburton blowing-up the tube so they can get the contract to rebuild it. But I guess you were getting to that.
Friday, July 08, 2005 8:24:16 AM

Well Suzie, I guess there is no pleasing you no matter what is done or said. For someone who thinks this Blog is smalltime and sophomoric, you sure as hell spend a lot of time here. I will admit that not everyone has Ivy League English back ground like yourself. Unfortunately my mother is no longer around to grade my papers and offer pointers, however, I am happy to say that I do see your Mother at least once a week, for drinks and MORE. We often talk about your lack of creativity and political knowledge. I’m sure she would be more than happy to offer a few grammatical pointers as a form of after play.

The posting that you branded as ANTI-SEMETIC was not mine, but I still cannot figure out why anytime anyone mentions Israel’s involvement in world events they are automatically branded a Nazi. I feel, that since Israel receives the majority of Americas Foreign/Military aid i.e. MY AND YOUR TAX DOLLARS that gives me and every other American the right to comment. It also has to be noted that one of the key reasons those Islamic WACKOS hate America is not our Lifestyle, our Democracy or that we get to see regular syndicated reruns of “FRIENDS or “MY MOTHER THE CAR” as you and that Commander in Clown pal of yours would suggest, but Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and Americas refusal to hold them accountable. As far as the bit about Halliburton, I have yet to hear that as I don't tune into Fox News often or listen to any fringe survivalist pirate radio stations. As soon as it is verified and actually happens you can sure as hell bet there will be commentary on it here.

Any all responses from this point should be sent to the following: thebsinsurgency@yahoo.com . If you’ve got the intestinal fortitude and the facts to back up your baseless claims feel free to submit a piece for posting and dazzle us all with you masterful use of Grammer, Syntax and Style etc. At which time I will be more than happy to dissect and refute all you baseless claims point by point. Unlike you and those of your jackbooted ilk, I believe in free speech for all and not just the privileged few that have access to the media or those that parrot the senseless and delirious babblings of that drug addict Rush Limbaugh. I will once again suggest to all that if don't like what's posted here don't visit or feel free to start up you own blog.


The 200 year march to make America the most power empire ever has ended

I recently read with amusement the letters to the editor to the SF chronicle regarding the recent election in Iraq. I suppose the Chronicle published all the letters congratulating Bush for his foresight to invade Iraq. So many of these people were commenting how terrible it was for people in San Francisco (so called Liberals) doubting the President and how out of touch we were with reality.I always felt and always feel that the reason to invade Iraq was always be to make sure the US will secure the oil fields of Iraq for Bush and Cheney's Oil buddies and to protect Israel at all costs. But let us say that the freedom of poor Iraqis were always the number reason the Oil cronies and the right wing Israeli lobby were salivating about invading Iraq. I really wonder if they feel it was worth it now. The US will never ever be as powerful as it was at its peak in the year 2000 because of Bush's victory. Eventually it will be good for mankind!
Consider the following:

1. The Chinese and other Asians, the Europeans, Latin Americans and oh yah even our good neighbor's the Canadians have decided it is much safer to make deals (trade deals, security deals etc.) with each without the good old USA in the loop.

2. Globally, the US has never been so unpopular as a country than at this moment.

3. There is no doubt that Iran WILL have nuclear weapons - they have no choice considering, the great Satan surrounds them.

4. The Arab world will never forget the killing of over 100,000 Iraqis, giving "their cradle of civilization" to the Shia's, therefore making Iraq the battleground between the two most popular sects of Islam. Oh by the way, they have been fighting each other for over a thousand years, now Bush gave them a country to do the battling!

5. The worst of it all, making Osama Bin Laden the most influencing Islamic leader among the Moslem masses!

Unfortunately for big Oil and big Zion they will also lose influence and their global power. Perhaps the sacrifice of those who died and are dying, as well as, the US taxpayers who are paying for all this is worth the US losing global domination. We and the rest of the world cannot trust our American voters to elect those who have all our best interests in mind. I am convinced that America's power peeked before Clinton left office. Eventually it will be for the good of mankind when America becomes just another one of the world powers - not the ONLY world power.

Beach Boy

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost
Malcolm X -1963

We of the Blogosphere Insurgency offer our deepest condolences to the families of those killed in today’s terror attack in London and wish the best to the people of London and the U.K. Also, that the perpetrators of this Butchery maybe found and brought to justice (i.e. read “KILLED”) as expeditiously as possible

With that said, Today’s events would appear run counter to what Bush has been asserting for so long, that being“ THE FRONTLINE ON THE WAR ON TERROR IS IN IRAQ”. A group calling itself "The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe” has claimed responsibility for this. If al-Qaida is behind this, I can once again only ponder what the hell would be the case if we had stayed focused on getting Bin Laden instead of launching this bogus war in Iraq.

It was obvious that the true magnitude of today’s events sunk in immediately for Tony Blair and he didn’t need 7+ minutes and a reading of “MY PET GOAT” to understand what history had just handed him, as Bush did on 911. I’m sure after the realization of what had happened his next two thoughts were, or should have been, has my alliance with this Texas cowboy bought this death and destruction to the shores of England and what will the people of the U.K. think? Maybe this attack was inevitable as Blair claims, but it has to be acknowledged that Blair’s evil alliance with Bush based on Lies and Deceit (as verified by THE DOWNING STREET MEMOS) and deciding to sign onto Bush’s misguided military adventure into Iraq has put the UK more firmly in the cross hairs of the Jihadists.

Blair barely won his last election and there are many saying that his hold on power is tenuous at best. If the people of the U.K., after digesting today’s events come to the conclusion that Blair’s alliance with Bush and support of his war played a role in this attack, it could accelerate his political demise and the lose Bush his staunchest ally.

The terror attack in London was, I’m sure, a welcome respite for Bush as it, for the short term, takes the American publics eye off of Bush’s sinking poll numbers, mounting body count in Iraq and the impending indictment of his “BRAIN” Karl Rove for the “treasonous” outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame. If nothing more, it at least will give him something else to talk about besides invoking the memory of 911 over and over the next time he goes before the American people to once again ask them to have patience in Iraq as their sons, daughters, Husbands and Wives continue to die for a war based on Lies.


Monday, July 04, 2005

To Blog or Not To Blog

To Blog or Not to Blog
The Blogosphere Insurgency MANIFESTO

As my tagline says I am an American citizen. I have an interest in current events, history and a fascination with the ever-dirty world of Politics. This Blog was started for several reasons. The first being my belief that the Mainstream Media for the most part has been compromised via corporate ownership, through media consolidation and vertical integration i.e. a handful corporate entities controlling all the media outlets and thus keeping a vise like grip over all information. Information that, I believe, makes for an informed citizenry and a healthy Democracy. It is also my opinion that these corporate entities will do anything to ensure that the status quo and profits are maintained and will and have censored or quashed any questioning or critique of the existing power structure.

The undeniable emerging power of the Blogosphere and its ability to drive the political debate as in the case of the Rathergate phenomenon or the proven falsification of the documents related to Pres. Bush’s military service or lack there of. If it were not for the Blogosphere, the whole Downing Street Memo affair would have been totally ignored by the Mainstream Media and what, I and an increasing number of Americans believe, was Bush’s decision to go to war, by any means necessary, long before the war was launched, would only be suspected and not documented and verified as it has been by the DSM. Truly, The Blogosphere is the digital equivalent of the underground press in the 1960’s that was extremely useful in the rallying of a generation and the bringing down of the repressive and corrupt Nixon regime.

I am no fan of the current administration or it’s policies. I will admit that I voted for change in the last election and was deeply dismayed that a little over half (no mandate mind you) was uninformed, misguided or just plain to damned stupid to see the half truths and plain lies for what they were.

Also, I sense a change coming i.e. the Bush Administrations fall from grace as any so-called "political capital" gained from the election has been thoroughly pissed away and Bush’s plummeting poll numbers show the majority of Americans are starting to see the monkey show for what it is. This slide, I do believe, will continue unabated, as Joe Six-pack and Suzy Housecoat see a lackluster economy sputter along with descent paying jobs leaving our shores, as the fiscal stability of the country is undermined from massive debt and the future of generations to come is mortgaged to the hilt for the benefit of the multinationals and special interests, and as Iraq continues it’s spiral into an aimless quagmire, as the Administration parades one new justification after another for this “Cluster” as the our brave men and women in the military bear the brunt for the lies, mistakes and blunders of this Chicken Hawk and his Neocon/Corporate handlers. With these reasons and other scandals to come, in time it will become glaringly obvious to even the most dimwitted Mullet sporting Red State Rube that this administration founded and sustained by a myriad lies, rampant incompetence and corporate profiteering is taking the nation down the road to ruin.

I will chronicle and offer my insight into the events as they happen. Check back often for additions and enjoy the ride as this lying Lame Duck, his administration and legacy circle the drain…. Because god knows I will.