Friday, July 08, 2005

The 200 year march to make America the most power empire ever has ended

I recently read with amusement the letters to the editor to the SF chronicle regarding the recent election in Iraq. I suppose the Chronicle published all the letters congratulating Bush for his foresight to invade Iraq. So many of these people were commenting how terrible it was for people in San Francisco (so called Liberals) doubting the President and how out of touch we were with reality.I always felt and always feel that the reason to invade Iraq was always be to make sure the US will secure the oil fields of Iraq for Bush and Cheney's Oil buddies and to protect Israel at all costs. But let us say that the freedom of poor Iraqis were always the number reason the Oil cronies and the right wing Israeli lobby were salivating about invading Iraq. I really wonder if they feel it was worth it now. The US will never ever be as powerful as it was at its peak in the year 2000 because of Bush's victory. Eventually it will be good for mankind!
Consider the following:

1. The Chinese and other Asians, the Europeans, Latin Americans and oh yah even our good neighbor's the Canadians have decided it is much safer to make deals (trade deals, security deals etc.) with each without the good old USA in the loop.

2. Globally, the US has never been so unpopular as a country than at this moment.

3. There is no doubt that Iran WILL have nuclear weapons - they have no choice considering, the great Satan surrounds them.

4. The Arab world will never forget the killing of over 100,000 Iraqis, giving "their cradle of civilization" to the Shia's, therefore making Iraq the battleground between the two most popular sects of Islam. Oh by the way, they have been fighting each other for over a thousand years, now Bush gave them a country to do the battling!

5. The worst of it all, making Osama Bin Laden the most influencing Islamic leader among the Moslem masses!

Unfortunately for big Oil and big Zion they will also lose influence and their global power. Perhaps the sacrifice of those who died and are dying, as well as, the US taxpayers who are paying for all this is worth the US losing global domination. We and the rest of the world cannot trust our American voters to elect those who have all our best interests in mind. I am convinced that America's power peeked before Clinton left office. Eventually it will be for the good of mankind when America becomes just another one of the world powers - not the ONLY world power.

Beach Boy


Blogger Suzie Housecoat said...

Look, Joe, I have nothing against free speech. I just happen to think that the freedom comes with certain responsibilities. Responsibilities like spelling, grammer, correct word choice, punctuation, etc. If you think your readers will be so awed by the brilliance of your postings that they'll overlook the sophmoric writing style . . . well, then you're misguided on several counts.
Maybe your mom could proofread your writing for you before posting?

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:18:00 AM  
Blogger Suzie Housecoat said...

Anti-Bush, Anti-Oil AND
Anti-Semitic?! This blog has something for everyone!

You forgot the part about Halliburton blowing-up the tube so they can get the contract to rebuild it. But I guess you were getting to that.

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:24:00 AM  

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